SoftwareONE Sponsors the IT United CIO Forum

March 1, 2018
Ashley Gaare


Ashley Gaare

Sales Director | Linkedin

SoftwareONE recently took part in the IT United CIO Forum that took place in Milwaukee, WI on February 16th. It is our third year sponsoring the event and in the words of our North American President, Neil Lomax, “It’s our home.” We get a myriad requests to sponsor many types of events, but the United Way and the charitable work that it does across the United States is one that is particularly important to SoftwareONE.

SoftwareONE, the leading software portfolio management provider, has a broad, global reach with over 3,000 employees in 80 countries. However, this breadth does not prohibit the company from having a local touch in each of its regions. For example, as Lomax noted in his presentation – in the US, Wisconsin is our home base and why the United Way is such an important organization for us to support.

The IT United CIO Forum is the premier annual networking breakfast for CIOs from the greater Milwaukee area to both network and discuss the top technology issues of the day. This year’s themes included “The Changing Role of Technology” and “Cloud.” Lomax touched upon the theme of managing change within the cloud, and how moving to the cloud has caused a vast influx of data for most companies. What to do with that data – how to analyze it and use it effectively – is always a challenge. SoftwareONE works with customers to take the data and make informative business decisions to help our customers digitally transform as an organization.

As part of the panel discussions SoftwareONE’s Lindsay Cicenas, enterprise software portfolio advisor at SoftwareONE, had the pleasure of interviewing Holly Baumgart, VP of Technology of Sargento Foods. SoftwareONE has been fortunate to establish a Women in Technology chapter at the company in 2016, and the two discussed the challenges that women may face in the technology industry, how to help women succeed in the technology arena, and why it is crucial to have women in top leadership positions at technology firms.

Lindsay stated, “Holly and I discussed why having women in those positions is so important – not only from an empowerment standpoint, but the fact that it is a good investment. Empowering women to move into upper management will increase engagement, retention, and help us be an ultimately more profitable company.”

SoftwareONE is looking forward to many more interactions at the IT United CIO Forum in the years to come, and will also be participating in the upcoming IT United Technology Career Fair – be sure to visit us.

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