SoftwareONE Recaps AWS Summit NYC

August 15, 2017
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in New York City on August 14th just wrapped for SoftwareONE and we definitely had a great show! With over 9,000 attendees (over 20% more than initially expected) the demand for cloud is clearly here to stay and just growing stronger. It was excellent to speak with our clients and potential new clients about how their migrations are going. The most common conversations we were having with our attendees were not only around how do we migrate to AWS, but how do we manage the costs associated with these migrations?

We spoke to attendees about moving certain applications and services to the cloud to enhance their business, how our PyraCloud platform allows for easier management of overall cloud management, budget and spend, and how AWS fits into the overall cloud strategy.

Other points of interest that came out during the show included AWS’s continuous involvement around Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Amazon Macie is a new service that was announced by AWS. A machine learning-powered security service to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data stored within your Amazon S3 storage buckets. With this service you are able to select your buckets for content discovery and classification. After the buckets are selected you can then review alerts through the Amazon Macie Dashboard.

Another notable mention was the continued development from AWS around Serverless solutions. Their announcement of AWS Glue which is a Serverless, fully managed, and cloud-optimized Extract Transform and Load (ETL) service. The concept of this service is to allow you to better manage data warehousing projects. It helps your organization understand your data, suggests transformations, and generates ETL code so that you are able to spend less time coding by hand. These are just some of the reasons for using it.

In case you were wondering what Serverless is – it is generally based on the concepts for building applications comprised of micro-services that run in response to events, that will auto-scale for you, and only charge you when they run.

If you stopped by our booth (#807) or have any follow up questions please reach out to Neil Koch from our New York team here, who’s also our resident AWS Champ. Also feel free to comment below. If you didn’t have time but would like more information on how we can help you with your AWS strategy be sure to visit us at

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