SoftwareONE Presents at EUNIS 2018 Annual Congress

June 12, 2018
Florian Schultz


Florian Schultz

Global Education Lead at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

SoftwareONE’s own Florian Schultz had the pleasure recently of presenting at the EUNIS 2018 Annual Congress. This year’s theme was “Coming of Age in the Digital World,” and the congress provides education technology department leaders from all over the globe an opportunity to share the latest research and information regarding technology in higher education. SoftwareONE, of course, spans the globe with its academic service and solutions – specifically its academic portal.

Florian spoke to the complexities of managing IT in the education sector, and how cloud computing has changed the way we view technology in the academic setting. Higher education institutions require hardware, software, servers, clients, data centers and vast amounts of memory. In turn, these technologies require qualified staff and service partners to manage and monitor all of them. In fact, a recent study out of EUNIS showed that the education industry spends approximately six percent of its total operating budget on IT. SoftwareONE helps to alleviate some of the burdens of managing such a complex environment through its advisory, licensing and portal solutions.

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Florian states, “At SoftwareONE we have a passion for the education industry and through discussions and workshops we develop services that meet our client’s (the universities) technology needs. At the EUNIS 2018 Congress we are able to connect and discuss with our customers on a more intimate level. This inspires us to strive harder to serve our universities and schools.” By working closely with those in the education industry, such as EUNIS, SoftwareONE is able to stay ahead of technology trends in education and bring those trends to reality for our customer base. To learn more please visit our Academic page.

In addition, we also profiled our latest Azure brochure for the Academic sector at EUNIS 2018. You can download the brochure.

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