SoftwareONE and Microsoft: A Joint Cloud Solution Provider Relationship

September 5, 2017
Christopher Rozzi


Christopher Rozzi

Neil Lomax, SoftwareONE’s President, North America and EVP WW Sales Strategy, recently sat down with Microsoft to discuss our partnership and work together as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in the Microsoft ecosystem. SoftwareONE has evolved as an organization over the years and has worked with Microsoft to provide a global platform, solution and services model to our joint clients in the constant effort to help our customers digitally transform.

“The software marketplace is changing and Microsoft’s licensing options are changing as well. Cloud software and services have opened up new opportunities for partners and customers alike. SoftwareONE is an example of a partner that moved from transacting software to being a value-added solutions provider for their customers.” – Microsoft

Microsoft is a leader in the cloud space and SoftwareONE knew that this space was growing quickly and needed additional value-add in terms of both product and services to make the transition for its customers both profitable and seamless. As a member of the CSP program, SoftwareONE brings PyraCloud to the table to provide clients an end to end platform to better measure cloud analytics and manage cloud spend throughout the entire software portfolio.

The Microsoft CSP program has a multiplier effect within the cloud space in that it helps drive twice the amount of adoption, and probably more importantly, utilization of cloud services. SoftwareONE’s services help to continue to drive that utilization rate as cloud spend and use rates become easier to measure and manage via PyraCloud. To hear the full interview please click on the video below and to learn more about PyraCloud at SoftwareONE visit us here.


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