SoftwareONE Honored as Microsoft’s 2016 Volume Licensing Partner of the Year!

July 7, 2016
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

Every year Microsoft hosts its Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) which honors its best of breed partners that demonstrate excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

SoftwareONE is proud to add to its 30+ year legacy, dating back to our founding in Switzerland in 1985, as Microsoft’s 2016 Volume Licensing Partner of the Year.

Software Portfolio Management – The complete software lifecycle end-to-end package.

SoftwareONE is one of Microsoft’s few truly global partners, with subsidiaries in over 80 countries that can support customers in 145 countries. To this day, SoftwareONE excels within the software procurement and license optimization space across all industries and organization sizes.

Specifically, our Software Asset Management (SAM) program, which has been recognized by ITAM Review as the Global Leader in Expertise for Software Asset Management, is integral to helping customers de-mystify the complexity of their software portfolio. Unlike hardware assets which you can touch, feel, and take a physical account of, software assets no longer come on CD-ROMS or floppy disks and instead can be downloaded without IT’s awareness whatsoever. This places the organization into a serious financial and legal liability, as software publishers often employ third-party audit agencies as the customer approaches their renewal periods.

Volume Licensing at our roots. Cloud adoption, migration, and optimization at our core.

Due to the seismic shift in the IT landscape over the last decade, SoftwareONE has heavily invested in its Technology Services program, whose fundamental purpose is to evaluate the customer’s existing IT assets and help them navigate their way to a modernized IT roadmap based on their future technology vision. As quoted by Microsoft, “[SoftwareONE’s] cloud business grew faster than the market across all segments and products like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.”

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“We’re honored to be recognized by Microsoft as having helped enterprise customers worldwide optimize their software and IT investments through our Software Portfolio Management methodology,” said Neil Lomax, President North America & EVP WW Sales Strategy, SoftwareONE. “This year we launched the latest version of our software lifecycle management platform, PyraCloud, which allows our joint customers to move to the cloud faster and with greater value by delivering better insights into their on-premise spend and cloud consumption.”

We’re seeing customers confronted with two primary challenges regarding their software portfolio:

  1. Maintaining complete visibility of software installed within their environment.
  2. Understanding how to best leverage existing assets while making intelligent investment decisions as their IT continues to evolve.

PyraCloud consolidates and eliminates these challenges through a single, intuitive platform. From a software procurement and license management standpoint, PyraCloud’s globally-connected platform provides real-time, single-point access to all the necessary information while supporting the capability to download the software directly from the portal after the appropriate stakeholders have approved of the transaction, subsequently eliminating renegade downloads without IT being informed, as mentioned above.

But PyraCloud’s real differentiator resides in its cloud usage and trends analytics reporting module. Enterprises adopt the cloud for several reasons, but reduced CAPEX/OPEX is often cited as the leading reason for the adoption. With PyraCloud’s cloud reporting module, customers receive:

  • An Advanced Alerting System that prevents “over-drafting” through an alarm system that warns you when you approach your defined limits.
  • A customizable dashboard with filter and drill-down features to help analyze and gain transparency on software procurement and Azure consumption.
  • Robust analytics and forecasting trends to uncover optimization potential with additional insights to leverage when negotiating agreement terms.
  • Resource Tagging to enable granular reporting that supports accurate internal billing for customers who want to take resource allocation to the next level.

Click the link below to learn more about how PyraCloud helped a global risk management firm gain better visibility on its cloud usage?

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