SoftwareONE Fully Integrates House of Lync – A Unified Effort to Deliver the Skype for Business Unified Communications Solution 

November 1, 2016
Carol Eastman


Carol Eastman

Strategic Global Alliance Leader Skype for Business Practice at SoftwareONE

Earlier this year, SoftwareONE acquired House of Lync, a strategic Microsoft partner who exclusively consulted, deployed, and managed Skype for Business, Microsoft’s flagship Unified Communications solution. We kept this acquisition under the radar while we fine-tuned the integration process, but today I am proud to announce that House of Lync is fully integrated into the greater SoftwareONE family.

House of Lync, a leading Skype for Business partner, brings incredible expertise

House of Lync, a creation from the parent company Eastman Technologies, was a natural evolution in the market demand.  Our team started as a partner with AT&T in 1994 and stayed the course with Lucent and Avaya, constantly embracing the changing landscape of communications. Our legacy and deep experience in telephony, contact centers, call recording, legacy applications, A/V, and networking provided us the solid base to be an instrumental System Integrator as a Lync partner. In 2012, the decision was made to surrender our relationship with Avaya and solely focus on the next generation of communications, Lync/Skype for Business.

SoftwareONE was a partner of ours for the year prior to the acquisition and it gave us the chance to peek inside of each other’s operations and decide that it was a healthy match for our collective clients, both teams and our investment in the Microsoft application Skype for Business. We operated in very different sectors, SoftwareONE’s business extends back to 1985 as a Microsoft reseller, but eventually evolved to deliver software and IT services in the shape of on-premise Software Portfolio Management as well as cloud computing.

It was at this intersection that we saw a real opportunity to join forces in order to leverage the growing market need of the game changing application Skype for Business, which plays a key role in the overall market value. Furthermore, we realized with the market demand we were able to scale faster into the global arena, and SoftwareONE’s global presence enabled us to do that.

ProtoSkype and SkypeSimple – Accelerating your way onto Skype for Business

SoftwareONE has created many innovative approaches and IP to help customers navigate their way to modern solutions. SkypeSimple is our latest professional service offering that promotes the customer’s ability to accelerate their Skype for Business migration. We have created a “Preproduction Skype for Business fully functioning environment,” which sits outside of a client’s existing infrastructure.

We find that many customers grasp the value of Skype for Business but are challenged with successfully proving the application as an asset in their Unified Communications roadmap. Many proof of concepts (POCs) fail due to lack of resources, not enough time to implement…and the list goes on. Companies need a way to evaluate Skype for Business, including all applications, contact centers, IVR, Room System Integrations, and more – in a controlled, proven, and pre-production environment.

Enter ProtoSkype, part of SoftwareONE’s SkypeSimple suite. ProtoSkype is a self-contained and fully functioning POC that provides all of the modalities of Skype for Business so that you can experience the business justification of Skype for Business as your Unified Communications solution yourself.

With ProtoSkype, you can test the below UC applications completely off your own network so you can be confident the POC doesn’t disrupt any existing processes, while still gaining the complete Skype for Business experience.

ProtoSkype Key Features
Core Offering “White Space” Start-to-Finish Deliverables
ADFS, Exchange, SQL Contact Center Room System Integration
Microsoft Office & Exchange Integration Call Accounting Devices – Headsets and Handsets
Enterprise-grade Security & Reliability Call Recording “Single Pane of Glass” Console
PSTN Calling Interactive Voice Response  (IVR) Monitoring and Support  24/7/365


This entire process, from experiencing a Skype for Business solution to deployment into IT, is part of SoftwareONE’s comprehensive SkypeSimple package. Although the journey to Skype for Business can be an arduous one for many IT leaders, SkypeSimple makes deploying your company’s new Unified Communications solution fast, safe, and convenient.

Front Porch – A testimonial to the success of the SoftwareONE-House of Lync acquisition

Below is a statement from one of our very satisfied customers, Front Porch, a company that provides affordable housing communities to the changing needs of retirees, low-income families, and those diagnosed with chronic mental illness, has been leveraging the combined capabilities of the companies.

“Front Porch has been engaged with the House of Lync team for several years related to the deployment and integration of Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business into our environment. This included all modalities of Skype for Business including IM/Presence, AV conferencing and mobile along with the replacement of multiple legacy phone systems and high-availability across multiple geographically dispersed datacenters.

“Having been both a SoftwareONE and House of Lync customer for many years, we have been able to leverage their combined resources and expand our utilization of their offerings significantly. As we continue to ramp up our expansion of Skype for Business across our enterprise their team of seasoned professionals and consultants have continued to provide management and services for upcoming projects and they work with us hand-in-hand allowing us to uncover further ways to maximize their broad portfolio offerings. The acquisition has made it possible to expedite our decision making on the blended software and technical services required to continue our company wide Skype for Business migration.

“The SoftwareONE/House of Lync integration of Skype for Business into our environment has been a major success and a complete game changer for Front Porch. Our employees are now able to communicate and collaborate in ways thought unimaginable just a couple years back. Front Porch continues to look forward to working with SoftwareONE/House of Lync to maximize our Skype for Business investments and take us to the next level. In a nutshell, this has been an absolute home run and we are proud to work with the professionals at SoftwareONE/House of Lync.”

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