SoftwareONE Discusses the Current and Future State of SAM with the ITAM Review

March 27, 2018
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

Darryl Sackett, global director of software lifecycle management at SoftwareONE, recently sat down with Martin Thompson from the ITAM Review to discuss SoftwareONE’s current and future thoughts on the state of SAM from a global perspective. You can listen to the full podcast here and read the highlights in our blog below.

Current State of SAM

Darryl has a unique perspective as to the current state of the SAM market as he not only has over 15 years experience in the IT industry, but he currently oversees the Software Asset Management (SAM) practice area at SoftwareONE as well as procurement services and our advisory practice and strategic innovation projects. In other words, he is constantly looking for new ways to help our customer base understand future innovations in relation to SAM and how this translates into the bigger Software Lifecycle Management (SLM) picture.

At SoftwareONE we’ve decided to take a more holistic approach to SAM and SLM by helping our customers with advisory and procurement of the entire software estate. As Darryl stated, “In the past SoftwareONE was known almost entirely as a reseller. Today, the reselling is still a function of what we do, but to bring the most value to our clients we combine our expertise from the past with the services of SLM for the future.”

The combination of SAM, advisory and procurement gives a customer the best view into their on-premises and cloud-based software estate in terms of consumption, security, license negotiation and the automation and digitization of these requests throughout the lifecycle. Our proprietary platform, PyraCloud, plays a big role in this as it provides our customers a single pane of glass with which to view their software estate. PyraCloud provides a two-way street for API integration so that our customers can use the platform to view their current software portals, catalogs and invoicing systems, and likewise SoftwareONE can push back through the platform current prices, currencies, and sourcing locations – in other words, the most up to date data possible in one central location.

SoftwareONE’s scale is, of course, a large part of the reason why we can service our customers the way we do. With over 400 employees dedicated to SAM and 3,000 employees worldwide in over 80 countries our presence is guaranteed. This is why over 30,000 customers trust us to manage their 1.3 million software SKUs in regards to attributes, currencies and other intricacies that must be managed.

SAMSimple from SoftwareONE, launched back in August of 2017, helped customers – particularly those at 5,000 seats or below, have a stronger success rate and handle on their SAM strategy. This was the first global SAM managed service in the market, provided at a competitive rate, to help organizations move forward with SAM in a way that made business sense for those in the mid-market.

Late in 2017, SoftwareONE was honored to receive the ITAM Review Partner of the Year Award (nominated by the public) and Darryl attributes this to two key factors:

  • As a company we are focused on success, ROI and execution for our customers
  • We allow those organizations that have started down the SAM path (but either stalled or found themselves unsuccessful) to re-navigate down a different path to ensure success – using both the right people and processes in conjunction with the right technology

Future State of SAM

As Darryl states in a word, “Data.” To expand, the automation and efficiency of data. So much of SAM is tied up in data and knowing what to do with it, what it means, which pieces are important, which pieces are accurate and which show trends that an organization needs to pay attention to. At SoftwareONE we are focusing on machine reading, AI, and machine learning in regards to SAM. To be able to more accurately parse through large amounts of data to make actionable business decisions will help our customers stay ahead of over-spend, stay current on contracts and use their current software estate to their advantage.

Another key challenge being addressed by SoftwareONE is time to software fulfillment within an organization. By moving quality data to where it is needed, along with digitizing the processes associated, the end users in an organization can receive  the software they need in a fraction of the time they might be used to. This helps eliminate shadow IT, rogue  applications and over-spend.

We’ve found that companies spend up to 30% more on their cloud contracts than intended, but having the data in place to help you realize this will provide you with an opportunity to reallocate that money towards more strategic projects. SoftwareONE is right there beside you – continually looking for new ways to drive internal efficiencies and pass those along to our customer base. SAM in conjunction with the cloud has provided us with new ways to digitize our existing processes and drive even more efficiencies throughout the business. To learn more please email Darryl at

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