SoftwareONE Builds Amazon Relationship with PyraCloud at AWS Re:Invent

December 2, 2016
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

“Is this where innovation lives?” asked Stu Miniman, host of SiliconANGLE’s live enterprise Tech Show theCUBE. “I think so. Just look around, [there are] 30,000 people building solutions on a platform that didn’t exist just 10 years ago,” answered Mike Gersten, SoftwareONE’s Global Director of Innovation.

It is no secret that Amazon’s enterprise-grade IaaS platform, Amazon Web Service (AWS), is the leading cloud service provider since pioneering the market in 2006. But as strong a buzzword as “the cloud” has become amongst the IT space, modern enterprises are still only beginning to shift their workloads from on-premises to the cloud. With the majority of enterprise software still remaining in-house, many organizations are looking for ways to manage their entire software portfolio through a single pane of glass.

Where does SoftwareONE fit in the relationship with AWS?

“I’ve seen AWS Re:Invent grow from a few thousand [attendees] to the size it is now, and what’s astonishing is you still see a level of innovation happening,” said Lawrence Schwartz, SoftwareONE’s Chief Marketing Office. “As AWS continues to roll out more services, newer players try to innovate on top of it.”

SoftwareONE is meeting these new innovative players at the intersection where a customer needs to decide whether they want their organization’s software portfolio to remain on-premises, migrated to the cloud, or a combination of both. Since 1985, SoftwareONE has been a global leader in software reselling, ensuring customers get the business productivity software they need while helping them negotiate the most strategic long-term licensing agreement.

But the market has evolved to require more from its reselling partner in the form of services, so SoftwareONE has augmented its core delivery to include the types of services and solutions that customers now demand for modernizing its entire IT footprint.

Enter PyraCloud, a digital platform to help customers procure and manage software resources from an entitlements, consumption and spend perspective both on-premises and in the cloud. PyraCloud’s mission is to provide full transparency into its clients’ software usage and spend that is able to integrate on-premises and cloud software into a single view.

PyraCloud, at a very high level, simplifies processes for IT decision makers in three primary areas:

  1. Procurement of software and allocation across key personnel
  2. Management of associated license entitlements to maintain compliance
  3. Analytics and transparency across a variety of cloud platforms for managing spend, forecasting, and budgeting

By combining these three areas, IT teams are fully able to leverage the modern hybrid datacenter, where IT workloads get migrated to the cloud while still maintaining the enterprise’s core infrastructure.

AWS is the latest addition to PyraCloud’s Cloud Consumption Module, which enables organizations with AWS deployments to monitor how much cloud their using over a given timeframe and then budget accordingly.

To learn more about PyraCloud, feel free to click the banner below to download our FREE eBook, “PyraCloud: A Modern Approach to Software Portfolio Management.”

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