SoftwareONE and TeleWare Bring Communication to the Cloud

June 20, 2017
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

At SoftwareONE we talk about digital transformation all the time. How important it is to stay connected to customers, to change with your evolving business environment and needs, and to remain at the forefront of technology. TeleWare, a telecommunications organization based in the UK, has embraced the concept of digital transformation to the fullest and put it into action.

TeleWare has been in business since 1991 and knows a thing or two about changing with the times to stay relevant, competitive, and provide customers with the expertise and advanced services they demand. Working with SoftwareONE and Microsoft, TeleWare realized that its existing infrastructure was nearing end-of-life, and add to that a £1 million price tag to rebuild it, the company knew it had to find a different option to better service its clients.

The end result was a full migration of all of its telecom services, including call recording and analysis, to the cloud – specifically Azure. The migration was not without its challenges, but between the three partners of TeleWare, SoftwareONE and Microsoft the transition was nearly flawless. For example, one of the initial migration plans called for an eight hour downtime while the call services were stopped, backed up, and then migrated to Azure. However, TeleWare services three out of the five Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 banks so an eight hour downtime was simply not an option. Thinking out of the box TeleWare was able to work with SoftwareONE and Microsoft to get the downtime to just 18 seconds.

Moving forward TeleWare and SoftwareONE have partnered even further to aid other companies in moving their call centers to the cloud. One of the first joint clients included Akea Life, a concierge physician practice based out of Northern England. For Akea Life the telecommunications system is critical to both the services that the firm promises (a same day call for an appointment) as well as communication with patients.

Digitally transforming one’s business is critical to staying in business, and TeleWare and SoftwareONE are helping clients across the globe to remain not only competitive but cutting edge. You can read more about the TeleWare and SoftwareONE relationship in a recent Computing Magazine article.

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