SoftwareONE ACADEMIC Ready for Back to School with ACADEMIC Portal 2.0

July 10, 2017
Florian Schultz


Florian Schultz

Global Education Lead at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

On July 10, 2017 SoftwareONE released its ACADEMIC Portal 2.0. The enhanced version of the portal will provide software solutions, services, and platforms to colleges, universities, primary schools, research organizations, and nonprofit institutions around the globe.

SoftwareONE ACADEMIC’s offerings via the portal provides resources in a myriad ways to nearly every population that touches the education space:

Students: the portal gives students instant access to today’s leading software solutions, including always-on support to reflect a student’s busy schedule.

Educators: SoftwareONE ACADEMIC allows teachers and professors to enhance the academic materials provided outside of the four walls of the campus bookstore with perpetual access to the portal.

IT Managers: enjoy the option of on-premises, cloud, technology services and managed solutions via the enhanced platform while SoftwareONE takes care of all of the support.

Software Procurement Officers: SoftwareONE’s ACADEMIC portal provides procurement managers with a centralized location to manage all of its education assets, along with the most recent releases.

SoftwareONE works with all of the top providers within the academic space – including Microsoft, Adobe, and Evernote – to ensure that students and educators have access to the latest in education solutions, and the technology is seamless from an IT administration standpoint.

SoftwareONE ACADEMIC Portal 2.0 is ready for your use today – please visit us at for further information and for the full press release please click here.



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