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July 14, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Software Portfolio Management (SPM) is a holistic analysis of your organization’s software portfolio maturity. This comprehensive service provides best practice recommendations for optimizing your organization’s processes, procedures, and IT environment in a project tailored to your needs and priorities.

Software Portfolio Management’s immediate benefits to your software budget include:

  • Analyze fixed-cost items so you can reallocate your budget toward innovative solutions.
  • Landscape the architecture to cater to your business needs today while supporting a digital platform strategy in a hybrid subscription and consumption environment.
  • Ensure compliance today and maintain compliance in the future by demonstrating proactive procurement and management processes.

Take the first step toward long-term cost-efficacy on your software portfolio.

Organizations that engage in a Software Portfolio Management consultation are taking the first step to ensuring their software investments do not become a financial burden, but rather a profitable asset. SPM is of particular value for organizations in need of consultative expertise regarding:

  • Software spend optimization and demand management.
  • Comprehensive compliance support to prepare for any potential audits.
  • Predictive software lifecycle management to anticipate future risks and make confident IT investments.
  • End-to-end transparency of software assets when undergoing a merger, acquisition or divestment.

The Benefits of Software Portfolio Management

A successfully implemented SPM service drives transparency and ensures software investments support evolving business needs while delivering value, innovation, and alignment to cost management initiatives.Key SPM benefits include:

  • Cost and spend optimization for future software investments
  • Risk reduction and software compliance with proactive audit protection.
  • Predictive Software Lifecycle Management.
  • Cloud roadmapping, migration, and support.
  • Demand, supplier, and contract management optimization.
  • Holistic and efficient management of mergers, acquisitions, and divestments.
  • Mapping deployment and business value milestones to financial payments for software licenses.

Software Portfolio Management’s Three Core Competencies

Software Portfolio Management’s (SPM) proven enterprise methodology combines the three core competencies of compliance, commercial, and technology to ensure your unique business needs are cost effectively roadmapped for tomorrow’s evolving IT landscape.


Delivering more Software Asset Management (SAM) projects globally than any other partner, SoftwareONE’s compliance expertise provides the most strategic, credible and reliable processes and procedures in the industry while maintaining a vendor-agnostic approach.

  • Maximize ROI by reharvesting underutilized assets and consolidating overlicensed products.
  • Rationalize application by justifying end-user usage.
  • Identify potential compliance risks and define mitigation strategies.
  • Design and implement a customized SAM model to align your business requirements.
  • Achieve peace-of-mind knowing you are protected against publisher audits.
  • Transition your SAM mentality from a reactive state to a pro-active state.


Achieve immediate ROI by managing software demand, optimizing software licensing spend, rationalizing supplier portfolio and increasing transparency.

  • Optimize software spend through full software outsourcing.
  • Identify and contract the ideal licensing scenario for your organization.
  • Leverage our strong publisher relationships as your dedicated vendor spend manager.
  • Utilize our Software Lifecycle Portal to efficiently procure and manage your software assets.
  • Roadmap the optimal long-term strategy for achieving the greatest ROI on your software investments.


Comprehensive Technology Services deliver a 6-phased consultative approach to ensure your IT roadmap is optimized for the long-term.

  • Envision your ideal technical landscape.
  • Assess the capabilities of your current environment.
  • Align the appropriate solution to your business objectives.
  • Design your ideal environment by providing the necessary processes, procedures and tools.
  • Transition your IT environment to the designed technical solution.
  • Improves continuously by providing the raw data critical to the maintenance of your IT infrastructure.

Common questions that the SPM methodology answers.

  • “How will I be able to establish an integrated SPM software Lifecycle Process in my organization?”
  • “How can we effectively negotiate and consolidate vendor contracts?”
  • “What software do our end users require to optimize their business processes?”
  • “What are the necessary steps to introducing and maintaining the appropriate compliance processes?”
  • “Where do we start reconfiguring our ‘Technology Blueprint’?”
  • “What about future technology? What is our cloud – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) –adoption strategy?”

If any of the above questions pertain to your business challenges, click the banner below to schedule a discussion with a SoftwareONE Software Portfolio Advisor.

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