Small Businesses Have Enterprise Problems – Is Office 365 a Suitable SMB Solution?

February 12, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

With a growing number of enterprises trimming their CapEx by reducing their on-premise infrastructure and moving to the cloud, the high rate of Office 365 adoption is no surprise.

The end user experience doesn’t change – it has the same look and feel as Office 2013 – nor is the Admin experience all that different. Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync all have nearly the same feature sets IT uses today. In fact, it is common for a company to utilize built in hybrid functionality where mailboxes can exist in both the cloud and on premise. Managing mailboxes, groups, policies, and other features are easily adopted by existing IT.

Prior Challenges for SMB’s

However, many small businesses previously could not justify the infrastructure and licensing expense of Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync infrastructure. This means the deployed solutions are often de-centralized and integration is typically a challenge. With email often hosted at registrars or white labeled service providers, business applications that may or may not already be in the cloud (like salesforce or ADP), and files stored on all sorts of devices – it can sometimes be a challenge to complete even simple tasks.

Like an Enterprise, Small Businesses need to be concerned with Data Loss. Employees saving sensitive documents to their mobile phones, accidental email forwards with SSN or Credit Card information, using personal accounts such as Box or Drop Box to send large files, and many other challenges we face in IT are the same in any size business. Small Businesses need to collaborate on projects, improve communication, and have secure access from anywhere on any device.

An Enterprise-Caliber Solution for SMBs

With Office 365, SMBs now have the ability to solve their IT challenges with the same strategy an enterprise would use. Office 365 is a per user subscription, which includes all the above server infrastructure as well as some additional features like an unlimited amount of storage for each user.

The migration path may be slightly different for a small business to utilize the cloud, but the challenges are the same.

Just as Office 365 has been selected as the solution for a growing number of Enterprises, it is now a solution where SMB can justify the cost – and reap the benefits only large companies could previously enjoy – Like Data Loss Prevention, Email Archiving, Legal Hold, IM and Screen Sharing, Advanced File/Content Searching, and so much more.

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