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August 17, 2017
Kieron Dean


Kieron Dean

Are you looking to implement a SAM practice? Today, SoftwareONE announced SAMSimple. SAMSimple is an end-to-end Software Asset Management (SAM) managed service that enables organizations to more quickly realize the full value of their investment, mitigate compliance risk and reduce the cost of their entire software portfolio.

As the name of the offering implies, it is simple and puts customers in control of SAM. Customers set their priorities and define their budget and SAMSimple will take it from there. SoftwareONE will plan, build and run a customer’s SAM practice for three years.

The reasoning behind SoftwareONE developing SAMSimple is that IT leaders have numerous business priorities and building a SAM practice might not be on top of their list from both a priority and budget perspective. SAMSimple takes away those blockers – it is a fully managed service that is budget flexible. To use a vehicle analogy, it is a self-driving service implemented by SoftwareONE and is affordable for companies of all sizes including small to mid-market.

SAMSimple automates complex SAM processes, empowering organizations with a single managed service designed to address the most common SAM pain-points:

  • Inaccurate Inventory: SAMSimple collates software deployment data accurately across hardware, virtual environments, operating systems and cloud platforms.
  • Complex Contracts: It takes the headache out of trying to decipher software license agreements’ complex terms and conditions.
  • Mismanaged Entitlements: SAMSimple offers ongoing entitlement support so each and every purchase is properly recorded with specific use rights.
  • Draining Audits: SAMSimple can facilitate and simplify responses to publisher audits, an often difficult and time-consuming exercise.
  • Scarce Resources: SAMSimple eliminates the struggle to find skilled resources who know the myriad of licensing complexities for each publisher.
  • Rising Costs: It offers purchased versus installed reconciliation, matching inventory and usage against purchase orders and contracts.
  • Efficiency: SAMSimple delivers cost savings focusing on shelf-ware by re-harvesting software that is ineffectively used.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of SAMSimple! It takes the complexity out of software asset management and lets you focus on your customers, your products and your services – not what your software contracts dictate. SAMSimple is a comprehensive offering including expertise, process and tooling that accelerate your SAM and Cloud journey.

Do you want to learn more about SAMSimple? We have a webinar planned or you can visit us at the Gartner event as follows:

3 Responses

  1. Zbyszko Cegła says:

    Dear Kieron,

    Nowadays we at Polish Gas Distribution Company ( are in the SAM-tools discovery phase .
    May I kindly ask you whether you deliver your SAMsimple also in Poland?
    Is SAMsimple based on Flexera? Do you have any experienced business partner(s) here in Poland as well, preferably Polish speaker, so we can invite him for a presentation session?

    Looking forward for your answer, I remain
    With best regards

  2. Kieron Dean Kieron Dean says:

    Hi Zbyszko,

    Thanks for the question!

    SAMSimple is a global solution so it is 100% available in Poland.

    I would be happy to arrange for a follow up call from one of the SAM specialists from our SoftwareONE office in Poland to provide more information for you. I will contact you via email to arrange.

    Kind Regards,
    Kieron Dean

  3. Kleverton Assis says:

    Hello Kiero,
    Can I use the SAM Simple integrate with my SCCM without install a new agent in my machines?

    Kleverton Assis

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