Reduce Licensing and IT Support Costs by Transitioning to Office 365

August 25, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Whilst reducing costs for organizations, Office 365 is able to provide productivity improvements for mobile workers by providing access to information and colleagues from practically anywhere. With the ability to install on up to five devices, businesses transitioning their IT to the modernized mobile first, cloud firstapproach will notice an immediate impact on the simplicity of Office 365’s management capabilities.

Office 365 reduces the historical cost and complexity typically involved in deploying eDiscovery, audit protection, and policy management for users. Office 365 natively includes these technologies making it easier for organizations to improve compliance.

Consolidating multiple repositories of data to Office 365 improves the ability to find information more quickly, reducing the “time-to-decision,” and allowing organizations to be more competitive.

For IT departments, the reduction in patching, security, and upgrade efforts allows the Architects and Engineers to focus on value added activities rather than operational tasks.

According to AMI-Partners research, organizational spending on cloud technologies will increase by 15% this year. By comparison, investing in on-prem IT will grow only 4%. Of those organizations that have adopted Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, like Office 365, 74% say “improved business agility” was an important factor in the decision.

Microsoft offers a platform for growth, with solutions that help organizations adapt quickly to changing business needs and move faster than competitors. And because it’s Microsoft, Office 365 is built on software that customers already know and trust; therefore, additional training and related business disruptions will be reduced significantly.

How does SoftwareONE help?

For many organizations, a migration to Microsoft Office 365 will be the first adoption of cloud computing and can lay the groundwork for future business agility. A migration to Office 365 requires skilled planning and execution. A cloud transformation strategy needs to take legacy applications into account and include a strategy for continuing maintenance and management. SoftwareONE offers comprehensive Transition and Support Services to help organizations on this journey.

SoftwareONE’s 15 Office 365 Services help clients:

  • Reduce risks by helping the business and IT align on the success criteria for Office 365 and potential future cloud investment;
  • Increase time-to-value by 25% through Accelerate for Office 365 Service offering;
  • Increase productivity and user acceptance through training and change management, minimizing business disruption;
  • Reduce the operational Business As Usual time from IT staff to focus on new, strategic initiatives by having SoftwareONE manage the service.

For more information on how Office 365 will increase your business productivity, click the banner below and fill out the accompanying information to have a SoftwareONE Technical Specialist reach out to you.

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