Announcements from VMworld 2014 Barcelona

October 17, 2014
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

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Over the past three decades, IT teams and their business colleagues have not realized the benefits of their investment in traditional management solutions due to siloed management tools, cumbersome monitoring agents, and poorly documented automation scripts. As more organizations move to the cloud, these legacy systems come off as the latest member to the “sunk cost fallacy”, appearing to be a blackhole of expenditure instead of an ROI generator.

At VMware’s VMworld 2014 – Barcelona event Thursday October 16, VMware announced the latest addition to its product family – vRealize. The vRealize Suite comes with a number of naming convention changes:

  • vCenter Operations Management Suite ⇒ vRealize Operations
  • vCloud Automation Center ⇒ vRealize Automation
  • IT Business Management ⇒ vRealize Business

vRealize Suite – A Cloud Management Platform

VMware’s vRealize Suite is a management solution intentionally built for heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments by aggregating the capabilities of VMware’s Cloud Automation, Cloud Operations, and Cloud Business management solutions into a single offering. Offering on-demand access to any service, vRealize optimizes capacity and resource management through a cost metering subscription model.

The vRealize Suite is best positioned for large organizations across various regions building hybrid cloud infrastructures. Essentially, organizations willing to upload workloads to public cloud while reserving private cloud capacity for business critical applications and data will find the vRealize Suite a cost-efficient investment. With incredible workload mobility, organizations can meet seasonal demand by increasing cloud-burst capability during peak demand.

vRealize Operations Insight – Intelligent Operations Management from Apps to Storage

The vRealize Operations Iinsight (vROI) bundle brings together vCenter Operations Management Suite Advanced and vCenter Log Insight to deliver one solution for performance management, capacity optimization, and log analytics. vROI’s predictive analytics helps solve problems before they affect business, helping organizations realize significant cost savings IT value, including:

  • Up to 30% reduction in CAPEX
  • Up to 50% faster problem resolution
  • Up to 50% lower application downtime
  • Up to 50% reduction in IT costs
  • Up to 2.4x ROI

Horizon Air – Desktop as a Service, Apps as a Service, and Disaster Recovery as a Service

VMware’s Horizon Air delivers virtual desktops, applications and disaster revoery solutions to end-users on any device, anywhere. Horizon Air offers 3 levels of Disaster Recovery:

  1. Gold Tier – Designed for staff critical to getting systems up and running again (IT) within 8 hours
  2. Silver Tier – Designed for staff critical to producing revenue (sales, procurement) within 24 hours
  3. Bronze Tier – Designed for staff in supporting functions (Marketing) within 72 hours

Horizon Air allows customers to customize the configuration themselves across networking, Active Directory, and desktop imaging. IT can reserve capacity for the number of users they want to have “insurance” for, and fees are only applied when the customer declares a Disaster Recovery event.

Lastly, vRealize Air is beta-testing an Automation service with the agility to automate the delivery of personalized infrastructure services. This product automatically allocates critical applications between the public and private clouds in a hybrid cloud scenario, eliminating the need for IT to measure usage and manually make the adjustments themselves.

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