PyraCloud Platform Featured in Financial IT Magazine

August 4, 2016
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

On August 1st, Financial IT Magazine published the article, “Insure Your Budget and Software Consumption Needs Can Be Met with PyraCloud.” Financial IT provides market analysis for FinTech decision makers. As technology continues to cement its pivotal role in supporting the financial markets, Financial IT strives to accurately reflect the real value behind the latest technologies, whether old or new, against the backdrop of aggressive development and the façade of manipulative marketing.

Financial IT’s mission to “showcase and examine new products and technologies with deep enquiring analysis” while also “providing people in financial institutions with the best possible awareness of the latest trends and developments” is thoroughly illustrated in the magazine’s review of SoftwareONE’s flagship product – PyraCloud.

“PyraCloud is a real-time, single-point access platform for the Software Portfolio Management methodology developed by SoftwareONE. It helps organizations optimize the consumption of their resources and regulate their IT budgets.”

“The main users of PyraCloud in the financial industry can be Chief Financial Officers, Compliance Officers as well as Risk Officers and CIOs.”

From a very high-level, PyraCloud has two primary functionalities:

1. Global software procurement, reporting, and license agreement management.

“Thanks to entitlement data and easy integration with the customers’ existing systems, users can do advanced reporting and analytics of their software consumption and license management. Indeed, having a complete picture of the company’s software expenses and license agreements helps C-level executives make the right decision in the purchase and regulation of their software assets.”

2. Cloud computing usage trends and analysis to justify the investment.

“In terms of data browsing capabilities, PyraCloud helps IT track cloud consumption by department, user type or group, subscription, or product within a certain time period and geographical location. [PyraCloud’s] mix of global and local views for purchasing and procurement agreements are available in 18 different languages. You can set up a local procurement plan with the publisher and adjust it globally with vendors like IBM, Oracle, CISCO, or SAP.”

As a company, SoftwareONE is located in 82 countries with a global reach to support customers in 145 countries. We’re investing heavily in the development of PyraCloud by establishing development hubs across EU and US. This is to support the ambitious plan to deliver monthly updates to the existing features list as well as UX enhancements to make our customers’ experience more intuitive, enjoyable, and efficient.

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