One Hallow’s Eve in Nowheresville – A Spooky SAM Tale

October 31, 2017
Quincy Johnson


Quincy Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

Mr. Sam Lacking walked in to a dead quiet datacenter. Today, he noticed Door 82, a secured room down a dark hall which usually housed viruses, was now wide open. Since this door is high security, Sam can’t remember the last time that he actually checked to make sure the locks were functioning properly. His heartbeat jumped and his palms began to sweat.

In the corner of the room he saw the building’s security guard, who was missing from the front door, banging into the wall and muttering to himself. As Sam got closer he heard the guard repeating the phrase “…you could have stopped this!” Just then, with a crashing noise, the door swung wide open! Now Sam knew why the office had been so quiet. Loads of software that was not being actively used, had been infected with the same virus and now a sea of glowing and lifeless eyes charged forward.

Sam retreated to the back corner of the room and managed to find a crawl space behind a cabinet. With no way out and the drone of voices getting louder, Sam screamed for help as loud as he could but it was no use. Sam’s screams turned to sobs as all hope seeped from his pores and into a pool of sweat and regret. Maybe I COULD have stopped this??

Knowing your Environment

The moral of this story is, you don’t want to be “SAM Lacking.” If you are not fully aware of your environment, and you have a lot of unused software lingering around, there is no end to the number of issues you could be facing.

In Sam’s case if managed properly, the security risks would have been identified, along with unused software from the estate and this could have prevented catastrophe.

36% of all software sits on a shelf or goes wasted

There are many risks to not having a Software Asset Management (SAM) practice, and management and security is crucial in today’s IT landscape. However, it is also now more important than ever that businesses are maximizing their ROI when investing in SAM tools and practices.

Kevin Hooton said it best when he said, “bringing together people, processes and technology is when you can realize the greatest savings and efficiencies.” Take control of your environment today, and don’t end up like Sam in our story asking yourself if you could have prevented disaster.

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