Microsoft to Make Major Product and License Pricing Adjustments August 1st

July 9, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Some significant licensing, product, and pricing changes will occur as of August 1st as Microsoft continues to commit itself to its cloud-first, mobile-first agenda.

Advanced Threat Analytics – Enhanced Active Directory Security

Beginning August 1, existing customers of the Enterprise CAL suite (ECAL), Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), or Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS) with active Software Assurance will automatically obtain rights to Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). Likewise, ATA rights will be included in the ECAL Bridge for Office 365.

ATA is a machine learning technology that can automatically detect suspicious activity and attacks on an organization’s Active Directory in four simple steps:

  1. Analyze – Using deep packet inspection technology, ATA analyzes all AD traffic and collects relevant events from SIEM and other sources.
  2. Learn – ATA automatically starts learning and profiling behaviors of users, devices, and resources, and then leverages its self-learning technology to build an Organizational Security Graph.
  3. Detect – ATA looks for and raises red flags if it discovers any behavioral anomalies while leveraging security research to detect known attacks and security issues.
  4. Alert – After detecting suspicious activities, ATA provides clear, actionable information on the attack timeline.

User CAL Price Increase

As discussed in our previous article, the User CAL will undergo a 13% price increase to accommodate for the growing prevalence of multiple devices per a single user.

Existing Core CAL, ECAL, and EA/EAS customers will not be affected; only customers with renewals on or after August 1st. Academic and Charity organizations will not be affected by the User CAL price increase.

Enterprise Mobility Suite Price Increase

There will be a 27% price increase on EMS Core CAL Per User and Per Device Add-on. Organizations buying a Full USL (without SA) will witness a 15% increase, and organizations purchasing a From SA USL will increase 4%.

As mentioned above, Advanced Threat Analytics will be included to existing EMS customers. The EMS Add-On for ECAL SA will not include ATA, since ATA is including in the ECAL Suite.

Enterprise Cloud Suite Price Increase

The ECS price will increase by 5% for a Full USL and 3% for a From SA USL.

The ECS Core CAL Add-On will see a 10% price increase Per Device, and a 7% price increase Per User. The ECS Per Device ECAL Add-On will have a 3% price increase, but there will be an 11% decrease in the ECS Per User ECAL Add-On.

Bridge CAL Price Increase

As a result of the User CAL price increase, Bridge CAL pricing will be increased by approximately 8-15%. Device Bridge CALS will increase 30%+, but as of August 1st Microsoft will discontinue selling new Device Bridge CALs due to an overwhelming number of User CAL purchases. A “grace period” will be offered to current customers through their remaining contract to continue purchasing Bridge CALs based on their device. These approximations will be unique to individual customer scenarios.

Bridge CALs will also include the Advanced Threat Analytics.

Office 365 Add-On Pricing

Just like Bridge CALs, the trend toward User CALs as opposed to Device CALs has impacted Microsoft’s strategy around Office 365 Add-Ons. Pricing adjustments will range from -18% to +16% USD, depending on the market for non-USD pricing.

MDOP Bundled with Windows SA

MDOP will now be available to all new and renewing SA customers as part of the Windows 10 release. Standalone SA SKUs will show a roughly 11%-13% increase for Windows SA Per User and 18% for Windows Enterprise to reflect this feature change. The impact on platform SKUs is roughly 2%.

For additional information on Microsoft’s August announcements, check out the Microsoft License Review blog. If you would like to talk with an expert regarding your upcoming renewal and how you can realize the greatest cost-savings, click the banner below to schedule an appointment with one of our Microsoft Licensing Specialists.

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