Microsoft Installs Azure Datacenters in Australia, Delivers Office 365 and Dynamics CRM

December 19, 2014
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Microsoft’s “mobile first, cloud first” push in 2014 continues with its October installation of two Azure datacenters in Australia as part of its “Azure Geography” global cloud network campaign. These datacenters, located in New South Wales and Victoria, mark the 18th and 19th regions with a public cloud footprint, making Azure the cloud platform with the most covered regions.

More recently, Microsoft announced plans to deliver Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM by March 2015 to offer customers faster performance and geo-redundant back-up to address data residency issues. Essentially, Microsoft aims to blanket the enterprise IT landscape with its robust cloud offerings – specifically Azure – which is the only cloud platform capable of delivering both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities, according to Gartner.

By providing local cloud technology, Australian customers obtain the peace-of-mind knowing data sovereignty concerns are mitigated; naturally, with so many concerns regarding data security, having an onshore datacenter addresses government regulations and compliance standards – as well as offshore latency issues – especially regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where industries such as healthcare, education, government, and financial services maintain detailed customer information.

At TechEd Sydney, Pip Marlow – Microsoft Australia Country Managing Director – offered some details regarding the Microsoft cloud vision:

“With the cloud, barriers to innovation are not just being lowered, they’re being smashed away. Customers tell me that Microsoft Azure frees them to focus on what they really want to do – enable business value, drive innovation, and [provide] faster focus to their customers – while leaving Microsoft to manage what’s under the hood.”

In particular, this “leaving Microsoft to manage what’s under the hood” philosophy is the very methodology through which Microsoft Azure enables business value, drives innovation, and enhances customer-oriented focus. Cloud models are designed to optimize IT workloads by providing the capability for IT to boost performance at the touch of a button – or even via automation – without needing to invest in additional hardware to accomplish the same need.

New Australian Microsoft Azure customers will be automatically provisioned into these datacenters, while existing customers will need to coordinate with a Microsoft certified partner to roadmap their migration. SoftwareONE offers a host of Microsoft Advisory Services that support cloud migration strategies throughout the discovery, proof of concept, and pilot lifecycle.

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