Microsoft Gives Non-Profits a Leg Up with Recent Licensing Changes

April 30, 2018
James Lockett


James Lockett

Starting this month – April 2018 – Microsoft is making great strides in helping out those organizations in the non-profit sector. It all began in 2017 with the advent of the Tech for Social Impact (TSI) team with an end goal of reaching 300,000 non-profits in just three years. This is an aggressive but socially important goal. Non-profits typically don’t have the resources, time or money to fully develop a digital transformation strategy – yet they need the most up to date technology resources in order to have the strongest impact on the social issues they are working to solve.

Understanding the Non-Profit licensing changes

To that end, SoftwareONE, as a Gold Microsoft Partner and certified Cloud Solution Provider will be hosting a webinar on May 3rd at 10:00 am (UK time) and May 10th at 4:00 pm (UK time) discussing the most recent licensing changes impacting the non-profit sector. SoftwareONE has deep roots working with the non-profit sector and we are heavily involved with the United Way in the US. Non-profit work brings about immense change across the globe and should not be hampered by inadequate funding or access to the right technology.

The biggest change is in the Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) giving non-profits access to Microsoft Online Services (including O365, Power BI, EMS, Dynamics, Microsoft 365 and Windows 10) with zero size requirements, no long-term agreements and a pay as you go subscription plan – allowing non-profits to scale up or down as seasonally necessary. In addition, non-profits of a certain size threshold can purchase via an Enterprise Agreement, locking in pricing for term of the agreement.

CSP is obviously very different from going with an Enterprise Agreement (EA) but both have their pros and cons and this SoftwareONE webinar will discuss the new changes in licensing for both CSP and EA in relation to the non-profit arena. Prior to these licensing changes one could purchase via a Select Plus or Open agreement but for online services it was only direct via the portal. Today, non-profits will benefit from streamlined license management, and for those new to the cloud simpler deployment.

Want to learn more?

To find out which option is best for your business model please register today. These are previously unreleased pricing and licensing options for the non-profit sector so we are excited to share these updates with you and help you along your digital transformation journey no matter the size of your organization.

Register Today!

10:00 GMT Thursday 3rd May – Register here

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