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November 5, 2015
Charlie Weber


Charlie Weber

Technical Services: Cloud Solutions Strategist at SoftwareONE University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Linkedin

Cloud Support provided through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) model is an agreement option for customers to purchase Microsoft subscription products with included bundled support provided by SoftwareONE Technical Services.

It is designed specifically for ease of customer use. Microsoft may be a large organization, but it isn’t large enough to cover the support needs of thousands of organizations using its Office 365 products. As such, as a certified CSP, SoftwareONE is fully capable of providing the Deployment, Migration, and Support for all your Office 365 needs.

The Cloud Support Workflow

The Cloud Support program provides support options tailored to the unique needs of Microsoft Office 365 customers. Customer Administrators have the ability to directly create Incident and Service Requests online or by calling SoftwareONE’s Cloud Support team. SoftwareONE Cloud Support centers are located across many countries with local support staff, phone numbers, and languages.

Cloud Support customers can expect to receive timely technical support from qualified professionals. Equally important is the critical role that the customer’s IT department plays in the support of its users. Therefore, it is important to define the  support  model  by  illustrating  the  communication  flow  between  the  customer  and SoftwareONE, briefly illustrated in the below diagram:

All Cloud Support customers receive access to online support through their Customer Support Portal, which provides secure authorization for customer representatives to raise enquiries, Incidents, or Service Requests.

The Customer Support Portal is available in English language and provides authorized customer representatives;

  • A secure location to view and download historical billing information
  • The option to make additions to capacity (through additional Orders)
  • The option to subscribe to additional service(s)

Incidents  or  Service  Requests  raised  through  the  Customer  Support  Portal  will  be  actioned according to the Support Pack subscribed.

The Customer Support Portal is available 365×24, with an availability Service Level Agreement of 99.5%. You can buy either a single Microsoft application, such as Exchange, and get added support, or you can enroll in an entire Office 365 suite and add comprehensive support.

To learn more about Cloud Support and the SoftwareONE CSP program, click the banner below and fill out the accompanying form, and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

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