Microsoft, Veritas Updates That May Affect Enterprise Vault Deployment

September 20, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Enterprise Vault is approaching its 12 version. As a leading archiving platform that helps bridge the gap between business, legal, and IT, Enterprise Vault helps organizations store, manage, and discover unstructured information while reducing backup and storage costs. However, there are two major changes coming from both Microsoft and Veritas that may affect your Enterprise Vault deployment.

New Microsoft releases may affect Enterprise Vault deployments

Enterprise Vault deployments may face compatibility issues on newly released Microsoft software. For clients on older versions of Exchange, SQL, or Windows Server, updates to any of this software can result in incompatibility with your existing version of Enterprise Vault. Before upgrading your Microsoft applications, be sure they will run with your current version of Enterprise Vault.

End-of-Life Support Dates by Veritas

Veritas will stop paid support for Enterprise Vault V9. All support for EV 9 is currently scheduled to end in February 2017 (standard support already ended in Feb 2014).

Similarly, standard support for EV10 ends in November 2016 (and all support for EV 10 – both basic and paid – will end in November 2017).

But with the release of Enterprise Vault 12, IT decision makers should consider making the upgrade to take advantage of new and enhanced features as well as remaining compliant over the long term. Below are a few good reasons for upgrading to EV 12.

Classification of policies to aid IT administration helps classify and retain content-email, files, instant messaging, social media and much more. Automated policies determine what to classify, retain, and discard, and whether to tag an item for review.

Gated Deletion helps maintain regulatory and business retention requirements, even as they evolve over time. Gated Deletion helps you delete information only if it meets current retention policies. Enterprise Vault can perform a policy check before expiry or user deletion.

Enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables more precisely archive and retrieve images for indexing and classification, performing OCR on images with embedded text during the archiving process.

Intelligent Review for filtering out non-relevant information makes supervision of non-relevant information quicker, easier, and more intelligent. By learning from responses and building knowledge to prioritize useful information and mitigate non-relevant data over time, IT admins can better prioritize their workday.

Accelerator Open Reporting is an open access web service to Microsoft Excel, Power BI, or any other data analysis application, specific to users of Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator.

IMPROVED Enterprise Vault Search, which provides intuitive, browser-based access to the archive via laptops, tablets, or mobile devices through an updated interface and productivity tools.

Working with a strategic partner, SoftwareONE can offer a premium level EV Health Check, which is essential for optimizing your EV system and avoiding potential issues that may lead to disruption. We may be able to leverage funding to cover the cost.  Interested in learning more? Then click the banner below to contact a SoftwareONE specialist.

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