Manage Your Software Assets Through the SoftwareONE Software Lifecycle Portal

January 2, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

SoftwareONE’s Software Lifecycle Portal is a free platform available to SoftwareONE customers and partners to help manage all their software assets in one intuitive portal.

Hosted in-house by SoftwareONE, the Software Lifecycle Portal ensures customers and partners maintain constant visibility and transparency of all their software assets.

Key high-level benefits of the Portal:

  • Manage licenses for consistent and accurate reporting
  • Procure downloadable software through the Portal’s one-stop-shop interface
  • Leverage competitive pricing through global sourcing capabilities
  • Contact local and global SoftwareONE License Experts and Account Managers
  • Access license entitlements 24x7x365

Intuitive Design Makes Navigation Simple

The Software Lifecycle Portal’s tile-based navigation can be customized to suit the user’s needs; color, arrangement, size, and functions of each tile can be custom-tailored by the user.

Beyond quick links, the information can also be configured to show alerts that requires the attention of a purchaser, administrator, or benefits manager. Users that need access to specific functions can also be given limited admin permissions to ensure only the right personnel have access.

No matter how intuitive a tool, there will always be questions. To ensure users of the Software Lifecycle Portal are never left in the dark, the site itself features a wealth of training information via videos and documentation. Each details a specific portion of the Software Lifecycle Portal so that every area is covered in detail for ease of navigation and use.

The Technicals – A Look Behind the Scenes of the Software Lifecycle Portal

Fully built on .NET Framework 4.5, the Software Lifecycle Portal ensures a user interface that is fast, interactive, and touch-enabled. Designed to be compatible with modern mobile devices and tablets, the Software Lifecycle Portal vastly improves user experience by utilizing Single Page Applications to give users the capability to browse at speeds equal to locally installed applications. Furthermore, the Software Lifecycle Portal is capable of providing business critical reporting through the integration of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, enabling real-time decision making for your licensing purchases.

The Software Lifecycle Portal integrates with many other purchasing tools using OCI, cXML, and Static/Punchout Catalogs. This flexibility further provides customers with the advantage of using current process and workflows already in use. Instead of juggling multiple platforms when managing your software purchases, you can utilize the Software Lifecycle Portal to import purchases obtained through non-SoftwareONE purchases for fast and easy recording.

Procuring Software Just Got Easier

Working seamlessly with your eProcurement system, the Software Lifecycle Portal helps you streamline your purchasing processes and order management within your system. There are two main methods for integrating your purchasing processes: Static Catalog and Punchout Catalog.

  1. Static Catalog uploads products and pricelists straight to your eProcurement system via an Excel or CSV file. The products and pricelists are updated on a monthly basis and pertain specifically to your purchasing history, allowing you quick and easy management of your regular purchases.
  2. The Punchout Catalog is much more efficient with frequent updates to provide the most accurate pricing information. Customers are able to access the Software Lifecycle Portal through their own eProcurement system and retrieve the Portal’s shopping basket into their own system for checkout.

Purchasers will find product lists with current pricing, past orders, rated product favorites, and even shopping lists to make quotes and orders quick and painless. Even non-standard or new products can be priced by request under the “Special Quote” section. Current and past licenses can also be viewed and tracked, reported on, downloaded, and managed by agreement list or timeline. Credit memos and invoices are also a click away, ready to be viewed in-browser or exported in a number of ways for viewing.

SoftwareONE’s local and global Procurement Teams provide further procurement services to assist customers and partners with their management needs. With every purchase, an email is sent to the user acquiring the purchased license as well as to the customer’s Account Team. The email outlines key details such as:

The Software Lifecycle Portal maintains receipts of all customer purchases for your convenience. For instance, in a situation where the customer misplaces their license records due to an adjustment in IT or Procurement personnel, SoftwareONE can send you all the necessary information as soon as it’s requested.

As the global leader in Software Portfolio Management services, SoftwareONE is always keeping the customer’s needs in mind and striving to find ways to better streamline customer procurement processes. Allow our Software Lifecycle Portal to help you procure and manage your software assets efficiently, reliably, and accurately.

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