Making Contact with Millennial Military and Beyond: SoftwareONE Brings Communication into the Future with Skype for Business

July 6, 2017
Carol Eastman


Carol Eastman

Strategic Global Alliance Leader Skype for Business Practice at SoftwareONE

On any given day, you’ll notice the widespread use of mobile devices, and the millennial generation in particular is a sizable participant. However, the use of mobile devices also requires taking security risks into account, and this is a very substantial concern with regard to military financial services.

A Mission for Millennial Communication Strategies

SoftwareONE has the privilege of working with a military focused organization that trains those who serve, many of them ages 19 to 35, in learning how to manage their finances. Today, the organization has almost 200 remote offices and thousands of internal employees who urgently need to be brought up to speed in communicating effectively with the demands of its clients. A majority of the communication with the client base occurs in the contact center. The company needs to meet the high demand for Short Message Service (SMS) communications and create global standardizations for the agents, while still maintaining traditional email and voice capabilities. The transition must happen as quickly as possible while maintaining the required security.

Next Steps through Phased Migration

Moving to any new application requires collective brainstorming, so strategy workshops took place to develop the new roadmap, business plans, and to create long-view goals.   The leadership team chose Skype for Business to provide a strong digital experience with the client base, while partnering with SoftwareONE.

The first phase began with a Skype Operations Framework Envisioning workshop which was inclusive of department leaders and the executive team. During these sessions SoftwareONE worked closely with the company to scope the business drivers, IT requirements, and financial impact of the Unified Communications (UC) strategy. Utilizing SoftwareONE’s expert assessment skills, it was determined that Microsoft Cloud PBX was the optimal solution for the small remote offices, while providing the security required. This allows the company to connect all of its locations with Skype for Business and tie into the corporate office, saving time and reducing costs. Cloud PBX will transform basic calls into productive, collaborative sessions with text, video, and desktop sharing.

The corporate office has recently removed its legacy Avaya PBX and voicemail and the company now operates all voice communications in a pure Skype for Business on-premises environment. The contact center upgrade will also include the integration of Skype for Business and SMS. Each of the technology decisions were made with the involvement of the business leaders within the company and SoftwareONE conducts regular cadence meetings with the business unit leaders to monitor the progress and ensure that the objectives which both parties agreed upon are accomplished and end-user adoption is met with enthusiasm.

The project is expected to be completed in 18 – 22 months and will bring the organization closer to being fully integrated with Office 365. In the near future, SoftwareONE will be able to help the company meet this new generation’s desire for communication options that fit their lives.

Advancing with SoftwareONE

The dedicated teams at SoftwareONE enable organizations to expedite their UC roadmap with the latest Skype for Business offerings, while at the same time, helping clients to maintain apex-level security. It is important that as an advisor we walk our clients through the process of migration step-by-step, realizing the most pressing business and technology issues, and how to use new methodologies in communication to optimize the end-state business goals. Contact SoftwareONE today if you want to learn more about our process.

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