Achieve Financial Transparency & Business Agility on Azure Investments

May 11, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

There are two types of IT – those who have modernized on Cloud computing, and those who have not. Regardless of the current environment, the many common myths and benefits of cloud computing have been well documented by the industry.

Conversely, tracking and measuring its ROI creates complicated questions that keep even the most experienced decision makers up at night:

  • “How do I achieve financial transparency on my cloud investment?”
  • “How do I gain visibility into the way my different business segments are consuming cloud resources?”
  • “Do I need to hire EVEN MORE administrators just to manage my cloud investment?”

The cloud’s “pay-as-you-go” subscription model puts IT in the driver’s seat when controlling their cloud consumption; however, just like over-drafting your bank account, without the proper systems in place, there’s no telling when you’re in danger of going over the limit.

Some basic needs for monitoring your cloud usage

This is by no means an exhaustive list for optimizing your cloud investment, but the below three points is the framework for accurately forecasting a fiscal budget:

  • Prevent “over-drafting” through an alarm system to warn when you approach your defined limits.
  • Robust analytics and forecasting trends to uncover optimization potential, providing you with additional insights to leverage when negotiating Agreement Terms.
  • Resource Tagging to enable granular reporting to support accurate internal billing for customers who want to take resource allocation to the next level.

Leveraging these analytics supports intelligent investment decisions. In addition to enabling accurate forecasting for your cloud budget, these precautionary measures help justify future Azure deployments to the teams that need them the most – all while maintaining control of Azure cost development.

Now, if only there was a tool that simplifies the decision making process by monitoring these cloud usage trends…

PyraCloud’s Azure Consumption Module helps organizations achieve financial transparency on their Azure investment

PyraCloud is a globally connected platform that allows organizations to track, manage, and control their Azure usage. PyraCloud’s Azure Consumption Module enables business IT to:

  • Achieve financial transparency on its Azure agreements.
  • Forecast budget and resource allocation based on monthly usage trends.
  • Understand how individual business segments consume their Azure resources.
  • Streamline processes to focus more resources in areas other than pulling reports.

Curious to read about the PyraCloud Azure Consumption Module in action? Learn how SoftwareONE helped one of the world’s leading risk management organizations optimize their Azure investment by downloading our FREE case study.

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