Go Pollock and SoftwareONE ACADEMIC To Deliver the Go Pollock EdTech Solution to the Worldwide Teacher Community

December 20, 2017
Florian Schultz


Florian Schultz

Global Education Lead at SoftwareONE | Linkedin

SoftwareONE works with the finest providers of academic technology to provide educators with the latest innovations in the education industry. At SoftwareONE ACADEMIC we are excited to share with you the latest offering from Go Pollock. Go Pollock is an award-winning EdTech Solution that is available via SoftwareONE’s ACADEMIC portal.

What is Go Pollock About?

Go Pollock is a solution that has been developed under close collaboration with various teachers from Switzerland and other countries abroad, as well as the Chair for Research on Learning and Instruction at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland.

Go Pollock enables teachers to complement traditional in-class teaching with immediate feedback on a student’s level of understanding. It is straight-forward to create with customized questions that are then activated on the student devices. The answers are validated and it allows everyone to participate. Unlike a time-boxed quiz, Go Pollock aims to be a teacher’s digital companion, through both showing and hiding single questions on the student devices when needed.

Additionally, Go Pollock offers “Collaborative Challenges.” Collaborative Challenges allows the teacher to develop their lesson around a meaningful narrative that is rojected in the classroom for all students to see. It then presents a problem which students must solve by answering your questions on their devices. Only if the entire classroom performs well, will the Collaborative Challenge develop into a success story.

For example: Imagine yourself explaining the Pythagorean Theorem, and asking the class questions to assess their level of understanding. In parallel, you would project an animated story about a bridge being built. Your students make a connection between mathematics and a concrete application, namely construction work, and work towards fulfillment of a collaborative goal.

Go Pollock can be used on typical browsers, there is no need to install anything. Also, students can answer the questions in a device-independent fashion on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

What Is the Benefit?

The teacher has the opportunity to engage the entire class through the activation of questions on all the student devices and allows the students to holistically participate in class. The teacher will gain immediate transparency on the class’ level of understanding the subject matter at hand. The questions can be used for further lessons with other classes and be shared amongst other teachers – reducing a substantial amount of preparation time.

All institutions within the SoftwareONE ACADEMIC network benefit from the possibility to use additional functionalities of Go Pollock free of charge during a pilot phase (running until the end of March 2018).

SoftwareONE ACADEMIC / Go Pollock Exclusive Offer

We wanted to let our ACADEMIC customers and prospects know that from December 20th through March 31st of 2018, SoftwareONE ACADEMIC customers have the unique opportunity to use the award-winning Go Pollock EdTech Solution for free to both teachers and administrators via SoftwareONE’s ACADEMIC portal.

Please visit us at https://academic.softwareone.com/#/ or drop us a line at acadsupport@softwareone.com to receive your free portal access with the exclusive offer.

This program is for all existing SoftwareONE ACADEMIC Customers and all interested new SoftwareONE ACADEMIC Customers.

For additional details please consult the help portal: http://help.gopollock.com/basics/how-to-get-started or email acadsupport@softwareone.com. We have also attached a pdf that demonstrates the functionality of the solution.

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