eSign with Adobe Document Cloud – Accelerating the Business Cycle

March 15, 2016
Smita Rawat


Smita Rawat

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Does acquiring a signature from your partner or client inhibit your business process? Electronic signatures are useful for many tasks but sometimes handwritten signatures are the need of the hour in case of highly regulated areas and jurisdictions that are not favorable for using electronic signatures. As a result, organizations have been creating waste, let alone risk.

Handwritten Signatures are a thing of the past. Modernize with eSign.

Handwritten documents can be inconsistent and unrealistic. They lack the audit trail offered by electronic signatures. Once signed, handwritten signatures need to be scanned and processed and they may or may not be easily searchable for future reference. Using a signing solution for signatures makes all documents trackable, storable and searchable with no waste creation or additional effort.

Inconsistent handling creates the potential for errors that can impact the validity of an agreement or compliance with a regulation.

Adobe Acrobat DC makes digital signatures as simple to use as electronic signatures—and a good deal simpler to use than handwritten signatures. Adobe Acrobat DC works with existing certificates, so there is no need to obtain new certificates.

The need to run two solutions is obsolete. Anything that can be done with a handwritten signature can now be done from Adobe Acrobat DC.

Legal professionals can expand their use of digital signatures, and in turn, businesses can gain the benefits of broader and deeper rollouts of digital contracting across the globe and within regulated industries.

Adobe Acrobat DC enables businesses to be more agile.

Today, business success depends on having highly responsive and agile sales teams that can work fast and compete globally. “Customers want a faster and easier way to do business,” says Monte Wilson, Global Vice President, Digital Media Strategy and Business Development at Adobe.

One of the most time-consuming steps of the sales workflow can involve getting the signatures required to finalize a deal. Waiting for paperwork and signatures could easily take days. With Adobe Document Cloud eSign services, any sales team can speed up the sales cycle and improve customer services using traceable and accessible electronic signatures.

“Using eSign services, sales representatives can accommodate customers looking for a fast response by getting contracts signed in minutes and closing deals in less than a day,” says Rob Thomas, Salesforce Administrator at Adobe. “If the customer contact needs approval from someone higher up, they can forward the contract with just a few clicks.”

The ability to close deals faster gives sales representatives a leg up over the competition.

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