Enterprise Advantage on MPSA – Microsoft’s Latest Licensing Innovation

July 14, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Microsoft has announced a new option to the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) program – the Enterprise Advantage. Designated to release sometime early 2017 and designed for organizations with 250 – 2,400 users, the Enterprise Advantage combines the advantages of the three-year cost-savings model of the Enterprise Agreement with the organization-wide purchasing flexibility of the MPSA.

Finding the middle ground between the Enterprise Agreement (EA) and the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

Microsoft has been adapting its license agreements over time to support its customers’ desire to have a single agreement to purchase all Microsoft products and services as Microsoft shifts its focus to a “Mobile First, Cloud First” world. The Enterprise Agreement excels at enabling organizations to purchase software in volume to achieve greater discounts and price locks, while the standard MPSA provides organizations with more flexibility on the agreement term and product purchasing structure.

Microsoft has been busy exploring that happy middle ground between the cost-effectiveness of the Enterprise Agreement with the flexible purchasing structure of the MPSA:


Neither the MPSA nor the EA allow organizations to consolidate enrollments for greater discounts.

The result? The Enterprise Advantage on MPSA.

Key Details of the Enterprise Advantage on MPSA

The Enterprise Advantage on MPSA enables commercial customers to buy organization-wide with the combined benefits of the traditional EA and modern MPSA:

  • Mix perpetual and subscription software with cloud services like Office 365, Azure, and CRM Online, organization-wide
  • Purchase any time, whatever you need, with no additional enrollments
  • Enjoy budget predictability and price protection
  • Buy how you want, taking advantage of your combined purchases across the organization to maximize value
  • More easily manage your assets, including true-up and true-down of subscriptions and services, to meet ever-changing business needs

Microsoft anticipates introducing similar offerings for Government and Education later in 2017.

As noted above, Microsoft is taking significant strides to streamline and simplify its licensing structures down to a single, uniform agreement that fits for anyone. Remember our earlier posts on theretirement of the Select Plus agreement, as well as the increase in the Enterprise Agreement’s minimum seat count. In both of these we advocated for the transition to the MPSA, and this consolidation of Microsoft’s flagship agreements only further cements that sentiment.

In a statement by Microsoft back in July of 2014, “Global software portfolio management firm SoftwareONE focuses on simplifying and adding value to its customers’ software expenditures. As part of that strategy, the firm worked with Microsoft and other partners to design the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA). This shorter, less complex software licensing agreement helps streamline contract creation, enhance customer service, and increase revenue opportunities.”

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