Cloud Challenges: Even in Hollywood

July 18, 2017
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Silicon Valley is more than just where high-tech start-ups put down roots for their business address. Today, when you say Silicon Valley many people think of the HBO comedy series written by Mike Judge. If you haven’t yet found time to watch this series, minor spoiler alert.

As season 4 kicks off, the writing team definitely instills an “equal opportunity mocking” policy against all of the major players in the software world. No one, big or small, known or not, is safe.

*SPOILER* In a recent episode the writers take on a major cloud provider with this quote that a startup investor says upon seeing his cloud bill “I’m not paying because you’re not the one getting <expletive> face first by your credit card company because of the massive …. hosting fees.”

It’s not so much the company, or the product, but simply the fact that budgeting and tracking cloud usage can be a formidable task – hard to manage and difficult to navigate. Cloud resources by their very nature are easy to acquire, with a low cost of entry, and if not properly watched, costs could spiral out of control. SoftwareONE, of course, has a solution to help you address all of that – PyraCloud. Pyracloud is one aspect, but also make sure that a process is in place and stakeholders throughout the organization are aware of and pay attention to the insights provided by PyraCloud.

Here’s how the combination of people, process and technology (PyraCloud) can help:

  1. Planning – make sure the business units within your company have a solid understanding of their requirements and the associated budgets for the required cloud resources. This first step is important as expectations are set up front and business units are held accountable for their budgets.
  2. Tracking – setting the budgets and tracking spend against the budgets is proactive. Make sure the business units and stakeholders in the business units have full visibility into spend, and how they are tracking against their budget.
  3. Reduce and Optimize- this step will help to make sure you are running efficiently. Keep an eye on the budget and see how spend is tracking against the budget. If spend is going to exceed the budget over the term, start analyzing resource utilization – maybe you are paying for something that you are not using. If spend is way under budget, there might be an opportunity to share resources and consolidate to reduce overall cloud spend.

I hope you can come visit us at the upcoming AWS Summit in NYC on August 14th. SoftwareONE will host a booth and we can help you navigate the world of AWS and show you how having a solution, such as PyraCloud, can help you manage your costs while realizing the full benefits that AWS has to offer. Or we can just chat about Silicon Valley – the place or the television show – your choice.

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