Aligning Software Asset Management Tools with Modern Initiatives

January 15, 2019

Implementing a strong Software Asset Management (SAM) program at your organization can offer immense benefits in terms of software cost optimizations, governance, and operational efficiencies. To fully capitalize on the benefits SAM has to offer, organizations must implement a SAM tool alongside an established SAM team and process. Traditionally, SAM tools have been focused around […]

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The Benefits of Unified Communications

January 10, 2019

In our recent Unified Communications (UC) blog series we have covered both the definition of and the common challenges encountered when first rolling out UC. We defined UC as a set of technologies that help companies, employees and customers communicate anytime, anywhere, work more efficiently and potentially even change how you work by streamlining certain […]

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Cloud and Artificial Intelligence Top the List for SoftwareONE’s 2019 Technology Predictions

December 20, 2018

SoftwareONE is on the front lines of organizations that want (and need) to transform their businesses to remain competitive – be it smarter software lifecycle management, transitioning business critical applications to the cloud for enhanced flexibility and cost savings, security their hybrid cloud environments or applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a practical manner. While none […]

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Top Five Questions to Ask Your Managed Security Services Provider

December 11, 2018

There is no shortage of spend or need on security services. Gartner has recently predicted that worldwide spend on security products and services will reach $124 billion in 2019. This coupled with a security skills shortage and changing regulatory and compliance regulations – such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act – that put […]

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Outlook for 2022: SoftwareONE’s Top 5 Predictions for Software Asset Management

November 13, 2018

First, here at SoftwareONE we readily admit that a prediction is simply an educated guess.  However, having spent the past eight years of my life living in the software asset management (SAM) ecosystem, and actually helping hundreds of customers execute on their vision, I feel more capable than most to offer a few predictions for […]

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Mike Gersten Discusses PyraCloud, SaaS Cloud Spend and How to Manage it All

November 8, 2018

Mike Gersten, our Global Innovation and Strategy Officer at SoftwareONE, sat down with Stu Miniman, of the CUBE, at the Boston SiliconANGLE Media studios to discuss how software spend is impacted in a multi-cloud world, and what SoftwareONE does to help customers navigate this constantly changing territory. The interview took place as a Q&A format and […]

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Part 3: Platform Play – What it Is and How It Can Help you Stay Ahead of Security Threats

November 6, 2018

SoftwareONE’s security practice lead I’ve coined the term Platform Play – a concept which from my many years in cybersecurity will reframe the way your organization stays several steps ahead of security threats. What do we mean by platform play? The traditional ways in which you secured your business’s IT assets no longer apply.  With […]

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