7 Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Oracle Cloud Investments

March 7, 2017

The cloud comes with many promising benefits – vendor-managed, lower operations costs, reduced licensing complexity, fewer software asset management requirements…and the list goes on. Oracle has embraced this trend with efforts to incentivize Oracle Cloud contracts into customer agreements. But, as with many other Oracle agreements, the need for robust SAM techniques with Oracle is […]

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The Importance of Properly Managing Your Oracle E-Business Suite Licenses

December 6, 2016

Although Oracle is most known for their flagship database products, they are also a global leader in front-end applications. One of Oracle’s primary application product sets are the ERP modules that are collectively known as E-Business Suite, or commonly EBS for short. EBS provides modules for everything a company would need to run their business, […]

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Nothing Happens in Isolation: Common Examples of Software Licensing Mistakes

November 29, 2016

It’s easy to focus on a single aspect of an IT project, especially when implementing new solutions, upgrading systems, or simply changing software vendors. Anytime something in the environment changes, it’s likely going to touch many areas of your business and impact other solutions already in place. Because of this you have to consider what […]

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Why CIO’s and IT Leaders Are Democratizing Data and Turning to Self Service BI

November 22, 2016

Business Intelligence (BI) has long been deployed in enterprise organizations worldwide. A new generation of Business Intelligence software, Self service BI, centered on visualization and user ease has now taken hold in the market. This has opened analytics up to much more of the enterprise than before and relinquishes much of the reliance on IT […]

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