SoftwareONE: Inspiring Its Employees Through Culture & Values

November 22, 2018

SoftwareONE’s Learning and Development team is continually busy preparing new strategies and offerings for all of our employees.  Over the past year, in partnership with our entire North American team, we facilitated over 30 team and leadership development workshops, creating approximately 500 critical touchpoints with our people. This equates to hundreds of hours that we’ve […]

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Outlook for 2022: SoftwareONE’s Top 5 Predictions for Software Asset Management

November 13, 2018

First, here at SoftwareONE we readily admit that a prediction is simply an educated guess.  However, having spent the past eight years of my life living in the software asset management (SAM) ecosystem, and actually helping hundreds of customers execute on their vision, I feel more capable than most to offer a few predictions for […]

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Mike Gersten Discusses PyraCloud, SaaS Cloud Spend and How to Manage it All

November 8, 2018

Mike Gersten, our Global Innovation and Strategy Officer at SoftwareONE, sat down with Stu Miniman, of the CUBE, at the Boston SiliconANGLE Media studios to discuss how software spend is impacted in a multi-cloud world, and what SoftwareONE does to help customers navigate this constantly changing territory. The interview took place as a Q&A format and […]

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Part 3: Platform Play – What it Is and How It Can Help you Stay Ahead of Security Threats

November 6, 2018

SoftwareONE’s security practice lead I’ve coined the term Platform Play – a concept which from my many years in cybersecurity will reframe the way your organization stays several steps ahead of security threats. What do we mean by platform play? The traditional ways in which you secured your business’s IT assets no longer apply.  With […]

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How to Manage Your Journey from Skype for Business Online to Teams

November 1, 2018

As most of you know by now, Microsoft has transitioned Skype for Business Online into Microsoft Teams and finally reached feature parity. Starting last month (October 1 to be exact) new Office 365 customer under 500 seats will automatically be onboarded to Teams. Beginning November 1 we have begun offering partner-associated customers automatic upgrades from […]

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Protect Your Organization from the Expanding Cybercrime Supply Chain

October 30, 2018

During October – National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – we educated you on the importance of security in today’s cloud-first IT environment.  As more organizations move data and services to the cloud, attackers are becoming more sophisticated with the end goal to steal intellectual property (or even destroy entire companies) and IT departments are finding themselves […]

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Stay Ahead of Security Threats: Focusing on Your High-Risk Assets

October 23, 2018

As your organization’s IT landscape expands and traditional boundaries dissolve, it can be difficult to identify high-risk devices, applications, and users in order to develop a remediation plan. Your enterprise attack surface contains hundreds of attack vectors and is actively increasing. Reactive measures to plug holes with point products and controls are often inadequate, and […]

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Why Today’s Dynamic Threat Landscape Requires a Multi-Layered Response

October 16, 2018

When it comes to cybersecurity, things were arguably a lot simpler 10 years ago. Organizations were far less exposed online, perimeter-based approaches were pretty effective at keeping the bad guys out, and the attacks themselves were more straightforward. How things have changed today. For example, government figures earlier this year suggested that 43% of UK […]

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