Ensuring Effective Data Backup for Your Multi-Cloud Strategy

October 18, 2018

Digital transformation means that organizations and consumers are now producing more data than ever before, as more transactions are carried out online, over mobile devices and applications, essentially eliminating the traditional perimeter. The information and insights provided by this data are crucial to businesses to optimize products, services, and messaging based on what resonates with […]

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Why Today’s Dynamic Threat Landscape Requires a Multi-Layered Response

October 16, 2018

When it comes to cybersecurity, things were arguably a lot simpler 10 years ago. Organizations were far less exposed online, perimeter-based approaches were pretty effective at keeping the bad guys out, and the attacks themselves were more straightforward. How things have changed today. For example, government figures earlier this year suggested that 43% of UK […]

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Part 2: Combatting the Cybersecurity Skills Gap with Managed Security Services

September 11, 2018

Today, organizations face a perfect storm when it comes to cloud security. As organizations embrace digital transformation, adding new solutions and devices to the stack, cybercriminals are launching sophisticated attacks aimed at leveraging these new solutions as entryways to sensitive data. To minimize the impact of these attacks, regulatory bodies have issued a myriad of […]

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