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Karol Kłaczyński

Karol Kłaczyński

Karol Kłaczyński Scrum Master

Professional Scrum Master I & II, Software Development
Relative Measure
  • 11 March 2020
  • Karol Kłaczyński
  • IT Market, Digital Transformation
  • Agility, Scrum, Software Development, Trends, DEX

Relative Measures – to Use or Not to Use?

What are ‘relative measures’? One of our scrum masters shares his experiences with values achieved by using the techniques, but also provides insights on misconceptions.

Agility & Company Transformation - We Have Transformed, What’s Next?

We Have Transformed, What’s Next?

When transforming towards an agile organization, similar questions can appear, especially from the top or fact-driven management. Our Scrum Master Karol provides insides and recommendations on how to face company transformation challenges.

Agility - The Most Important Challenges for Company Transformation
  • 29 July 2019
  • Karol Kłaczyński
  • IT Market
  • Culture, Strategy

Agility - The Most Important Challenges for Company Transformation

Now that we know what the main transition models of moving towards agility are, it is time to dive more into details. First thing that comes to people’s minds is “what can possibly go wrong?”. And this is exactly what I will try to address in…


Agile Transformation: Top-down or Bottom-up?

In the previous blogpost I discussed the matter of what in fact is a change towards agile organizations and the importance of organizational culture in this respect. Today I would like to take a deeper dive into how the change itself can be…

What Does it Mean to be Agile in the IT world?
  • 27 March 2019
  • Karol Kłaczyński
  • IT Market, Life at SoftwareONE
  • Company Transformation, Agility

What Does it Mean to be Agile in the IT world?

It seems like the word agile is in all mouth. But what does it really mean to work agile? Our expert sheds some light on the topic of agility in IT.

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Karol is a certified Professional Scrum Master I and II and an agility evangelist for our Products & Innovation department. He focusses on the support of teams, consisting of both "technical" as well as "business" people, to self-organize and improve by themselves to achieve business goals in the best way possible.

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