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Part 3: Platform Play – What it Is and How It Can Help you Stay Ahead of Security Threats

November 6, 2018

SoftwareONE’s security practice lead I’ve coined the term Platform Play – a concept which from my many years in cybersecurity will reframe the way your organization stays several steps ahead of security threats. What do we mean by platform play? The traditional ways in which you secured your business’s IT assets no longer apply.  With […]

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Stay Ahead of Security Threats: Focusing on Your High-Risk Assets

October 23, 2018

As your organization’s IT landscape expands and traditional boundaries dissolve, it can be difficult to identify high-risk devices, applications, and users in order to develop a remediation plan. Your enterprise attack surface contains hundreds of attack vectors and is actively increasing. Reactive measures to plug holes with point products and controls are often inadequate, and […]

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Part 1: Taking a closer look at the shared security responsibility model

August 14, 2018

According to Gartner most organizations will use multiple public and private cloud services as well as traditional applications and infrastructure. SoftwareONE’s research “Managing and Understanding On-Premises and Cloud Spend”  which polled more than 300 C-level and IT decision makers also confirms the following: Cloud management strategy remains a priority and a challenge The hybrid approach […]

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Secure Your Cloud This Summer with These Three Steps

August 7, 2018

While the cloud provides organizations with a host of cost and efficiency benefits, it also brings with it some concerns, specifically surrounding data security and accessibility. Cybercriminals seek to disrupt and profit from everyday operations through attacks designed to steal data or limit access to data by leveraging endpoints, applications, email, known and unknown vulnerabilities, […]

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