Who Needs Office 365 Stream eLearning – Misers or Professionals?

Misers or Professionals?

Who Needs Office 365 Stream eLearning

Who Needs Office 365 Stream eLearning – Misers or Professionals?

“Office 365 Stream is the solution for misers who are too cheap to invest in a proper eLearning platform.” Not necessarily. I’ll show you when Office 365 Stream is precisely the right answer to your needs.

What is Office 365 Stream?

If the term “Office 365 Stream” confuses you, you can learn a little more here: “Office 365 Stream – Just a Video Content Management System?” You will also find an overview of its features on the Microsoft Stream website.

Here’s a quick recap before we progress: Microsoft Stream is an intelligent and convenient video service within Office 365 that lets you create, share, and interact with content in teams.

How is That Related to eLearning?

An update has transformed Microsoft Stream into a combined video platform with integrated eLearning solution.

eLearning is an eye-catching approach due to its potential for cost cutting, remote learning at any location, time efficiency and courses for an unlimited number of participants. More and more companies are relying on the technology. Microsoft is determined to cash in as well and has been offering customers a variety of web-based eLearning platforms for years.

But a proprietary eLearning platform for organizations has been missing from the Microsoft portfolio. Until now.

This is precisely what the extension to Office 365 Stream creates: A platform on which organizations can share eLearning modules enterprise-wide. It’s capacity building for employees at the organization and beyond.

How Microsoft Stream Works as a Simple eLearning Platform

Everything begins with the platform "Microsoft Stream Video". Organizations use the app or browser interface to create and share video content. But that in itself does not add up to an eLearning platform.

Who Needs Office 365 Stream eLearning – Misers or Professionals?
Microsoft Office 365 Stream - Recording/upload mobile device, Source: Microsoft – Office 365 Stream – Example: Recording/upload mobile device

New features enable the embedding of quizzes, forms and surveys in the shared videos.

Who Needs Office 365 Stream eLearning – Misers or Professionals?
Microsoft Office 365 Stream Platform  Source: Microsoft – Office 365 Stream platform

This works thanks to the connection with Office 365 Forms. You can also use Forms elsewhere and independently in Office 365, for instance in emails.

Be that as it may: Now you can share simple eLearning videos with comments and gamification elements on a single platform. All you need is browser access to the Office 365 platform or the app for iOS and Android.

How do You Use Office Stream eLearning?

There are more than enough conceivable use cases.

Let’s imagine you’re a technician. A complex process regularly gets in the way of your daily work. By chance, you have now come across an opportunity to bypass or optimize exactly this step.

You want to communicate this workaround to your colleagues so that they can also operate more efficiently. What do you do?

Do you tell a few colleagues in the hope that they will also share the knowledge?

Or do you keep your best practice tightly under wraps because you know that it wouldn’t be introduced anyway?

Instead of these things, you shoot a video showing how you work around the problem. You share it on Microsoft Stream so that all your colleagues can watch your solution. Then you use the survey function (Forms for Stream) to solicit ideas on how the practical idea can be improved.

I definitely advocate answer 3!

Pro & Contra eLearning

Where there’s light, there’s bound to be shadow as well. So I’ll use the following to outline a few benefits and drawbacks that this kind of solution will present to an organization.


  • ‘Mass training’, so an unlimited number of participants.

  • No indirect costs incurred for on-site training (travel expenses, accommodation).

  • Flexibility – time & place.

  • Customization to suit individual skills and predefined learning objectives.

  • Study content for long-term and updatable use.


  • No direct control over the motivation and commitment of participants.

  • No direct contact with the trainer.

  • Investments in software and hardware if the employees do not have a PC workstation.

My Summary – Who Needs Office 365 Stream eLearning?

From my point of view, Office 365 Stream – as simply an eLearning platform – does not yet make the grade compared to dedicated eLearning platforms by third-party providers.

But: Small and medium-sized enterprises especially, who are otherwise put off by the cost of a dedicated eLearning platform, should take a close look at Streams. After all, its inclusion within the Office 365 environment enables useful integration into daily work routines. Even large companies can use the feature as a practical addition – Best of Suite instead of Best of Breed.

Personally I think that the solution is a step in the right direction. A platform like Office 365 cannot be complete without an eLearning component.

Whether or not you need a dedicated Microsoft solution depends on your company's internal requirements. We would be glad to analyze these needs to determine the right eLearning platform for you.

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