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Easy Appointment Handling via Outlook App

SoftwareONE LifeHacks: Easy Appointment Handling via Outlook App

This Outlook app Lifehack saves you 5 minutes in responding to each request for an appointment. Say goodbye to the endless email ping-pong between potential participants. Forget the arduous work on your notebook. Outlook automatically identifies the times that are convenient for everyone – and all of this on your smartphone!

Why We Find Appointment Requests so Laborious

You know the problem only too well. You’re out and about and receive an email:

“When would you have time for a quick face-to-face so that we can discuss the budget planning?”

Immediately you groan. It’ll be yet another case of emails being sent hither and thither to find a convenient date. You’ll have to consult your calendar, suggest 3 dates – only to find (of course) that everyone else is busy at those times. So they will propose other appointments. And the whole procedure continues endlessly until a suitable date has been identified. First of all that can take ages. Then you waste so much of your working day and your life in general simply looking for convenient opportunities. After all, the mobile Outlook app is better at finding appointments than you could ever be – it’s faster as well, and you won’t even have to power up your notebook.

How to Avoid the Search for Dates and Times

Outlook is the proprietary email program by Microsoft. At the same time, though, Outlook is the butler that can take the search for appointments off your hands, starting now. What makes it special: You won’t have to use a notebook, PC or even invest much time. The Outlook smartphone app lets you respond to meeting requests in just a few clicks.

How it Works by Email

So you have received an email to which you want to respond by suggesting a time to meet. Initially the process is the same as usual.

  1. You open the message on your smartphone using the Microsoft Outlook app and then select Reply All. Naturally, you can also edit the list of recipients first of all, if you want to remove or add certain persons.
  2. You need to make a decision in this step. Either you can notify the recipients that you are available, or you send a meeting invitation along with a Skype share if necessary.

Planning Meetings with the Outlook App

Do you want to suggest an appointment directly when responding to the email? To do so, select the menu item Create Invitation and then open the date and the time. The clever bit: Outlook is aware of the other participants’ calendars – but only if they are synced with you, i.e. the company, of course.

The app automatically shows when each of the persons you want to invite is available. This way you can be certain that they will be available at the suggested date. Goodbye to email ping-pong!

You can also add new participants or delete people who do not need to receive the invite. As soon as you have identified a date and a time, you click on the tick in the top corner.

Now you can decide whether you want to select a venue for the meeting. Alternatively you can send a direct Skype for Business invitation, in which case each participant will automatically receive the dial-in data and the access code for the virtual conference room.

Using the Outlook App to Communicate Your Availability

You can also select the menu item Send Availability (don’t forget steps 1 & 2!) if you want to leave it up to the other person to plan the meeting.

Click on Send Availability opens your Outlook calendar, where you can see when you would have time – but of course it is up to you to decide which dates you want to assign for a meeting.

Then you click on the tick in the top right-hand corner. Afterwards you see the email with the times – which you can then adjust if necessary. All you need to do now is select Send and wait for feedback – that’s it.

You are currently unable to see when the person/s you are responding to are available. But let’s not forget: It’s mainly about your own availability in this case.

My Summary

The life hack is hardly a revolution. But it does use automation – which I love – to save you at least 5 minutes for each reply to an appointment request. I believe it is more about taking a laborious task off your hands: Getting out your laptop, checking your calendar and writing an email etc. The Outlook app speeds up the process of finding convenient dates and keeps your mind free when you’re out and about.

Trying to Get the Most out of Your Office Applications

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  • Monday 19 August 2019

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