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Tasks From Microsoft Planner & Microsoft To-Do: All in One List

SoftwareONE LifeHacks: All Tasks From Microsoft Planner & Microsoft To-Do in One List

Microsoft is heralding the end of the task silos and is merging Microsoft Planner with Microsoft To-Do. Finally, this will bring all tasks together within a single tool! Our new series called LifeHacks will show you how to incorporate this and other handy features in your everyday routines to save valuable time. All set for the LifeHacks?

Anyone who has ever worked with Microsoft To-Do and Microsoft Planner from the Office 365 suites will have been driven to distraction by the fact that the tasks need to be managed separately in each tool – the personal ones in Microsoft To-Do and the project ones in Microsoft Planner. It was quite simply annoying and cost a lot of precious work-time.

The latest update to Office 365 finally puts an end to this double-track approach! Jumping back and forth between the two tools to see the complete set of to-dos has now been confined to the past!

I will use the following brief guide to show you how to display all of the Microsoft Planner tasks in Microsoft To-Do as well.

Enable Microsoft Planner Integration in Microsoft To-Do

The first step in using the new integration feature for Microsoft Planner und Microsoft To-Do is to enable it. The following guide explains how to get it up and running:

  • Open Microsoft To-Do, either in the desktop app or by directing your browser to the Office 365 Portal.

  • Click on the settings symbol and then select the menu item “To-Do Settings”.

  • Wait until a window opens and then scroll down until you see the item “Connections” – “Tasks from Planner”.

  • Simply click on the slider to enable the feature.

  • Once the To-Do feature is enabled, you will see your tasks from Microsoft Planner on the left-hand side under the menu item “Assigned to Me”.

From then on, all of your tasks from Microsoft Planner will also be displayed in Microsoft To-Do and you will no longer be forced to switch between the individual applications to keep an eye on all of your to-dos.

The feature only needs to be enabled once and does not even take five minutes. But you will save valuable minutes – and especially your nerves – in your workday routines each time you have to glance at your to-dos. A small LifeHack with a big impact!

Looking for the Real Potential of Office 365?

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  • Wednesday 31 July 2019

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