Addressing the Need for Expertise in SAM Managed Service Providers

October 20, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

ITAM Review, an independent forum for worldwide Software Asset Management (SAM) professionals, recently ran its 2015 SAM Managed Service Provider (MSP) Group Test wherein the capabilities of SAM service providers across the US, UK, and Germany are reviewed based on the criteria listed below.

Listed as the leader in SAM Expertise, SoftwareONE’s global capability to help customers optimize their software compliance and utilization stems from 25+ years’ experience working alongside top software publishers and understanding their license usage rights, potential pitfalls, and software lifecycle best practices.

ITAM Review’s study included the industry skills shortage, the use of underlying SAM technology, commercial independence and conflicts of interest, the scope of services, the duration of service relationships, key market drivers, and using ISO and ITIL as a reference model.

General SAM Market Observations

Based on numerous conversations with the vendors, ITAM Review generated the below results that best represented the SAM MSP market today:

Skills Shortage – One of the biggest issues facing SAM MSP’s and SAM in general is the distinct lack of skills available on the market. A number of SAM MSP’s claim to have the finances and capabilities required to expand their internal teams, but struggle to find the right professionals with the right blend of experience and knowledge.

As an existing global leader, SoftwareONE has been investing in its SAM program and steadily expanding its repertoire over the last several years.

Framework versus Experience – Some MSP’s base their offering around frameworks and models such as ISO standards or ITIL, whereas others base it around their past experiences within the SAM market. It is clear that in order to differentiate itself, a service provider must find the appropriate blend of framework and experience.

As a result of its many years of experience in the field, SoftwareONE regularly returns to the drawing board to fine tune what works, while continuously looking for opportunities to innovate in the SAM space.

The SAM Team Itself – SAM MSP’s either approach the lack of skills shortage in one of two ways:

  1. Trying to build up the most internal resources with the best talent available.
  2. Outsourcing the expertise to partners or consultants.

Either method results in customers having the expertise at their disposal. The organizations with a large internal resource base may have the upper hand as their SLA’s and response times may be quicker and the SAM MSP can consolidate their internal knowledge over time.

SoftwareONE has recently undergone a transformation wherein a centralized office supports its experts in the field. This enables the field team to provide onsite consultative expertise without sacrificing the intricacies of detail-oriented processes.

SAM Program Maturity – SAM is widely accepted as relatively immature, so a service provider that can boast numerous awards alongside a longstanding SAM program ensures the efficacy of its services.

SoftwareONE is very proud of this achievement, which only fuels our confidence in investing further in our SAM practice,” said Oliver Berchtold, SoftwareONE’s Global SAM Director. “As a company dedicated to providing our customers with the best Software Portfolio Management solutions, we understand the need for maintaining compliance to avoid those costly publisher audits. Our SAM program not only provides audit reassurance, but also provides customers with a long-term roadmap for avoiding audits in general.”

Our SAM services can be found in every major market across the globe. If you are in need of SAM consultation from the global leaders in Software Asset Management, then click the banner below and complete the subsequent form, and a SoftwareONE SAM Specialist will reach out to you shortly.

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