A More Secure Web Hosting Package with Symantec’s Encryption Everywhere

June 15, 2016
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

Recently, the global cybersecurity giant – Symantec – announced the Encryption Everywhere package, which is available through web hosting providers.

Encryption Everywhere allows web hosting providers to assimilate encryption to every single website from the moment it is made live.

As per Norton Cybersecurity Insights Report:

  • 594 million people worldwide were victims of online crime.
  • Six in ten consumers believe using public Wi-Fi is riskier than using a public restroom.
  • Approximately half of consumers (54%) believe that the chances of getting their credit card details stolen during online purchase is comparatively higher than their wallet during shopping.
  • 78% of websites are exposed to cyberattacks.
  • SMBs are being targeted by every three out of five hackers.
  • 83% of the total small-scale businesses across the globe do not even have a basic security plan.

Google, along with other browsers, has stepped in saying that unencrypted websites would be featuring lower in their search rankings. The internet titan has clearly mentioned that the traditional “http” protocol, in spite of being unencrypted, is being widely used by numerous sites. In comparison to that, “https” provides an additional layer of security against eavesdropping and interferences. Hence, Google has made plans to flag sites that would not be serving over ‘https’. This will surely compel a lot of websites to subscribe to at least basic encryption for sustaining their viability.

Encryption Everywhere – Instant website security upon registry

According to Vice-President and General Manager of Symantec, Roxane Divol, “There are almost a billion websites today, yet only about 3% of those sites are encrypted, which means cyber criminals have been able to make a good living off to the web’s lack of security.

He further added, “Symantec is about to change the game for cybersecurity with Encryption Everywhere. It’s time to secure every legitimate website and win back security on the internet for every business and consumer. That’s why Symantec is making it easy to secure any website from the very moment it is registered or renewed, starting with free, basic encryption all the way through to complete website security solutions.

With a variety of flexible options which include basic website encryption, this new web security service also provides hosting providers with premium security packages at increasingly stronger levels of website validation and protection.

Symantec has also ensured that this service will encrypt 100% of customer data shared on a website, which will result in brand trust for businesses of all sizes. And, Encryption Everywhere also guarantees the users’ shared information is absolutely secure and reaches the destined receiver.

With cyber hacking becoming a serious threat for websites across the globe, it is quite necessary for businesses of all sizes to follow this protocol. Being a prime security solution provider, SoftwareONE believes in the need of such strictness from internet browsers so that customers can make online transactions without much hassle.

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