7 Quick Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Oracle Cloud Investments

March 7, 2017
Abhishek Gupta


Abhishek Gupta

JAPAC Oracle Technology, Compliance , Commercial Asset & Storyteller at SoftwareONE

The cloud comes with many promising benefits – vendor-managed, lower operations costs, reduced licensing complexity, fewer software asset management requirements…and the list goes on. Oracle has embraced this trend with efforts to incentivize Oracle Cloud contracts into customer agreements.

But, as with many other Oracle agreements, the need for robust SAM techniques with Oracle is as critical for cloud deployments as on-premise deployments. Let’s take a look at seven quick tips for getting the most out of your Oracle investments:

  1. In Oracle cloud, the audit scripts are already running at the infrastructure side of Oracle Data Center which monitor usage limitation on geography, limitation on legal entities covered by the license grant, and limitation on devices or platform, which is all publicly stated in the Oracle Cloud Services Agreement.
  2. Oracle products are robust, so you will eventually end up in a contractually complex on-premise software, private cloud, and public Oracle cloud environment.
  3. “Reclaim” your traditional on-premise licenses into Oracle “cloud credits” or “cloud services”.
  4. Evaluate and validate respective agreements from a CSP (Cloud Service Provider) who internally uses Oracle Platform software.
  5. Since Oracle Cloud is subscription-based and relatively “self-serve”, many organizations find that their employees are bypassing normal IT procurement processes to deploy Oracle cloud services; i.e, maintain SAM best practices!
  6. Are you using Private cloud or CSP cloud for Oracle workloads? In many cases, virtualization may not be permitted or transfer of licenses to the cloud may be prohibited.
  7. And as always review your region’s data privacy laws when assessing your cloud strategy (see European Union’s Data Protection Directive as a stalwart example).

I’ve noticed that while Oracle encourages their customers and prospects to invest in the cloud, they’re conducting fewer audits with on-premise customers as of today…but three years later I wonder if this will change like it changed for pure on-premise customers? No guess work required.

Oracle customers should roadmap their future IT strategy against their existing software and hardware landscape to determine if Oracle Cloud is indeed the ideal investment. Engage with an Oracle partner with end-to-end Advisory Services will help you plan and understand your Oracle strategy by gathering the necessary Oracle asset facts, understand cloud/on-premise compliance, plan Oracle Cloud support, and understand Oracle Cloud contracts for usage limitations and price negotiations.


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