5 Great Reasons to Check Out Office 365 StaffHub

May 25, 2017
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

It has been a busy quarter for Microsoft. The company released several high profile products for Office 365 customers, and while most of the limelight may be on the new popular kid in class, Microsoft Teams, we thought we would pay a little attention to its equally great little brother – Microsoft StaffHub.

Here are five reasons why we think StaffHub is a great new addition to Office 365:

1 – It is thoughtfully designed

Yes, this may be superficial, but in the modern world of slick apps and flashy UI, does your old Excel schedule pinned to the staff noticeboard in the kitchen really cut it? With StaffHub you get access to an easy to use web app for managing people’s shifts. It is easy to read and looks modern. Not to leave those who love Excel behind, you can also export to Excel and PDF.

2 – It has an app

Possibly the single biggest reason your teams are going to love StaffHub – it has an app. Available in your favorite app store, the app allows your staff to view their up and coming shifts, receive notifications, and request holidays/PTO just to name a few of its features. Should there be a need to make changes to the schedule, staff will be notified instantly ensuring everyone is on the same page and that there are no missed shifts.

3 – Staff can request leave… more easily

For many small businesses, tracking holiday/PTO and absences can be a painful task. Often there are no formal procedures surrounding the process, and it becomes a nightmare to remember who has taken leave at the end of the month.  StaffHub simplifies this by allowing staff to request leave through the StaffHub app. Once received, management can approve or reject the request ensuring the time is currently logged, and clarifying who is off, when.

4 – Time is tracked

With many staff on various shift patterns it can be a grueling process to calculate payroll at the end of the month. StaffHub tracks employee time weekly and provides you with “at-a-glance” information to make your accounting easier.

5 – Swap shifts without issue

Wouldn’t it be great if staff could swap shifts with one other without creating a whole heap of admin and drama? Thanks to StaffHub, employees can easily swap shifts with one other with final say given to management to approve the request. Once approved, StaffHub planner will automatically update to reflect the updated schedule with the employee time tracked accordingly.

Bonus Round – Team Chat and File Upload

For many shift workers, there is no requirement to have an individual corporate email address yet many could benefit from the ability to communicate with the team in an agile manner.  StaffHub includes built-in team chat and file uploading to allow teams to communicate more effectively.  This feature is not limited to staff however, management can utilize file uploading to supply the team with important information, such as updated price lists and marketing material. Thanks to the app, staff are notified of new files that can be instantly viewed in the app ensuring they always have the right information on hand.

So there we have it, five plus one great reasons to try StaffHub. If you are an Office 365 Subscriber on select K and E plans why not give it a go? If you do not have Office 365 or are looking for some more information then click this linkand we will be happy to have a chat.

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    Can Staffhub be used to schedule time and attendees for meetings?

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