4 Reasons to Use an Office 365 Managed Service Provider

September 1, 2015
Editorial Staff


Editorial Staff

In today’s mobile first, cloud first world, Office 365 is quickly becoming the most deployed productivity suite because of its flexibility, availability, and functionality. Many organizations have staff to manage their productivity and desktop environment, so why would an organization with staff assigned to manage their desktop environment work with an Office 365 Managed Services provider? First, we’ll define what Office 365 is and then offer 4 reasons why organizations outsource this management task.

What is office 365?

Office 365 refers to subscription plans to Office applications available on the cloud such as Exchange Online, Excel, Word or PowerPoint. There are varying tiers available including personal, home, student and business depending on what your needs are. Office 365 allows you to access your Office from anywhere on any device, meaning you can open a file on your tablet, home computer or mobile device no matter where you are.

Why Use an Office 365 Managed Service Provider?

1. Reduced Time to Deploy

The time invested by IT in overcoming the learning curve for designing, planning, and deploying Office 365 would be better allocated toward more relevant business IT initiatives.

Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program streamlines the designing, planning, and deploying components. If the organization were to hire a consulting firm to help with these components, a significant delay would occur between purchasing and deployment since the consultants can only be engaged after the purchase has been transacted.

However, by leveraging the expertise of a Microsoft CSP certified partner, purchasing Office 365 is seamless, the agreement lifecycle is automated, and the deployment process is managed by your service provider.

2. Support for IT Staff

CSP supports IT admins in the deployment and administration of Office 365 products. The CSP provider functions as an IT outsource to ensure any incident is proactively managed and solved.This again ensures ongoing management of Office 365 services without investing your own IT resources. Detailed, simplified analytics regarding the deployment of your Office 365 tenants are provided by the service provider.

Managed services can also help save your IT staff time. By freeing up IT resources, your staff is able to focus on running your business. If your IT team has never had to manage an Office 365 deployment, managed services handles the deployment for them so they don’t have to spend time learning how to.

3. No Sacrifice in Control

The customer will have full access to their Admin Portal and see everything related to their Office 365 environment.

With Managed Services, the customer decides what they want to administer and what the managed services team should do. Thus, outsourcing these backend processes and protocols that are not focused on the business of the customer allows the customer’s IT staff to stay strategic and efficient as they focus on their core business.

4. Improved Response Times for Support Staff

SoftwareONE as a CSP is backed by a Microsoft Premier Support contract with escalation procedures not included in the Standard Office 365 Support. In other words, a SoftwareONE customer will have access to Premier Support from Microsoft, indirectly, without purchasing a contract themselves for their cloud services. Furthermore, SoftwareONE will manage any escalation on the behalf of the customer.

Final Thoughts

Our Office 365 Accelerate Services leverage this expertise to enable small and medium size businesses to on-board with Office 365 in a quick and simple way. We provide technical resources you can talk to remotely, who can share a wealth of experience learned from onsite migrations. We also have innovative tools and IP to support migration to all Office 365 services, whilst ensuring full adoption of Cloud Technology through our Technology Services.

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