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Case Study

Hospitality Organization Saves $1.7M on Oracle Support Costs Annually

Hospitality Organization Saves $1.7M on Oracle Support Costs Annually

How SoftwareONE’s Audit Support and Oracle Software Compliance Review Saved Huge Costs

A Middle Eastern hospitality organization underwent a license audit by Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) team. After running the LMS collection tool on all systems, Oracle’s team came back with a non-compliance claim of $12.8M. At this point, the customer engaged with SoftwareONE. Through a thorough analysis of the customer’s Oracle contracts, SoftwareONE was able to determine that most of the non-compliance claims were incorrect and, once resolved, the customer was able to adjust its license deployments to reduce the cost to $45K and save $1.7M on support annually.

“We thought that collaboration with Oracle means a smooth audit process. It turned out that it wasn’t enough, and we had to get help. SoftwareONE supported us and helped us avoid spending unnecessary costs. On top of that, SoftwareONE also saved us costs. It was a successful collaboration.”

The Project

  • Customer: Middle Eastern Hospitality Organization

  • Industry: Hospitality

  • Services: Oracle Audit Support, Software Compliance Review

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About the Customer

A Middle Eastern organization operating in the hospitality industry.

The Challenge

The company was undergoing a license audit by Oracle’s LMS team and engaged SoftwareONE to support with the audit process.

The Solution

Oracle performed an audit on a Middle Eastern hospitality organization and concluded that the customer owed $12.8M for non-compliance issues. The customer partnered with SoftwareONE for support. SoftwareONE performed a detailed contract analysis of all license entitlements obtained by the customer and determined that 99% of the alleged non-compliance for Oracle Middleware programs were incorrect. The customer’s deployed Oracle WebLogic programs were deployed to support several Oracle applications (e.g., Oracle Business Suite, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle JD Edwards). The licenses available to the customer (Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management Plus, and Oracle JD Edwards Technology Foundation) already included the right to make use of Oracle WebLogic Programs. As a result of these findings, Oracle dropped the non-compliance claims, reducing the initial $12.8M to $45K.

The Result

In addition to saving money during the initial audit, SoftwareONE performed a license review of the customer’s Oracle Hyperion, JD Edwards, and Business Intelligence licenses and found that the organization was not using Hyperion or Business Intelligence and was only using 2 of the 23 JD Edwards modules for which it was licensed. As a result, the customer decided to re-buy the required JD Edwards licenses, therefore eliminating the support maintenance contracts for Hyperion, Business Intelligence, and the old JD Edwards licenses and saving $1.7M annually.

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