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The Cloud Journey:
Cloud Cost Optimization

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Increases in remote working have sped up cloud adoption through tools like Azure and Microsoft Teams - and as companies implement and increase their cloud usage (according to Gartner costs will increase 28% by 2022), many companies face challenges, as costs can easily spiral out of control.

We take a holistic approach to address your cloud environment and consider both licensing and technology performance in our solution, which can save organizations 10-25% of their cloud costs on average. Now is the time to optimize, by right-sizing and right- costing, to end the year with your budget intact and a solid plan for 2021.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why license usage is so important to control costs
  • Understand what is deployed and consumed in your organization 
  • Understand SaaS licensing complexities and pitfalls
  • Governance of Cloud IaaS and PaaS