Why and How to Migrate to SAP on Azure at Little to No Cost


Why and How to Migrate to SAP on Azure at Little to No Cost

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More and more companies are looking to move their business-critical applications, like SAP, to the cloud. Companies that are evaluating migrating SAP solutions to the cloud must understand the potential risks, processes, future benefits and costs. This will help companies prepare for and determine when the time is right for this transition. With a better understanding of the process, companies can confidently migrate their SAP solution to the cloud and ultimately experience benefits like cost savings, speed and agility, and a shift from capex to opex. Cloud platform providers like Microsoft have investment funds available to help a company get started and potentially help cover the cost of the migration.  

This webinar focuses on migrating SAP to the cloud and address the following: 

  • Why would you consider moving SAP to the Cloud? 
  • Why use Azure as the Cloud Platform? 
  • Discuss potential funding opportunities available to get you started 

Join SoftwareONE, an Azure Expert MSP, with 20+ years of SAP experience and supported migrations with companies in the Fortune 500, to discuss the challenges and successes of migrating SAP to Azure and learn how your organization can successfully move SAP to the cloud.