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Cloud Cost Optimization

SoftwareONE’s Cloud Cost Optimization Advisory Service helps you identify and reduce your cloud waste through right-costing and right-sizing techniques. 

Top Cloud Cost Optimization Challenges

Lack of Visibility

No clear view of results, making proposed savings difficult to realize

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Controlling Costs

Determining if you are paying too much for cloud workloads

Mitigating Risk

Modernizing IT with frozen or reduced budget while controlling cloud costs

How Do I Maximize my Return on Investment with Cloud Cost Optimization?

SoftwareONE helps IT Strategy and Operations Professionals with right-sizing and right-costing efforts. Right-sizing savings are those that allow cost optimization by changing the technical specifications of the resources running in the cloud environment. Right-costing savings are those that allow cost optimization leveraging commercial licensing constructs. SoftwareONE is an expert in cloud cost optimization, and we’ve helped organizations save an average of 30% on their cloud spend.

Our service includes a feasibility analysis, where we go through a series of detailed questions and answers to understand your business needs -- in order to identify your realistic savings potential. For example, the questions cover the following general areas:

  • Is there a way to reduce compute or application server costs?
  • Is there a way to increase savings on windows server licensing?
  • Is it possible to use the same VM but with a cheaper price?

Cloud Cost Optimization Modules

The modules below outline our three-step process to optimizing cloud costs based on your unique environment.

Fundamentals of Cost Optimization

Understand possible ways to reduce costs of cloud workloads from both a technical (right-sizing) and licensing (right-costing) point of view during an expert-driven Cloud Fundamentals Workshop.

Cost Optimization Assessment

Identify real savings potential by analyzing your current  consumption and specific business and architecture requirements in an expert-led workshop.

Cost Optimization Remediation

Get savings strategy implementation support, track savings, and receive an extended executive report of achieved savings.

Cloud Cost Advisory Service

Achieve maximum savings when you follow our three-step process.

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Cloud Cost Optimization Advantages

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Reduce Costs

Achieve KPIs related to cost control and reduction

Save Time & Effort

Save resources and effort on identification and execution of cloud cost savings

Reduce Risk

Avoid technical and licensing pitfalls related to implementation of cloud cost savings

Why SoftwareONE?

While cloud adoption was steadily increasing before, the sudden shift to a remote workplace has made cloud-based environments even more important.

Instead of wondering how to optimize costs in the cloud, let SoftwareONE help you:

Understand current cloud costs

Identify savings strategies

Make informed decisions

Save money on cloud workloads

Our Cloud Cost Optimization service is unique because it covers both technical (right-sizing) and licensing (right-costing) strategies to increase business productivity and savings. We provide a holistic approach on cost savings through a team of 850 consultants that have the combined technical and licensing expertise to serve our 65,000 customers. Get started on your journey to cost savings today.