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360° SAP Evaluation | Maximize the ROI of Your SAP Licenses


Maximize the ROI of Your SAP Licenses

SoftwareONE understands how mission critical SAP is to your business, but many organizations are in a difficult position with respect to their SAP environment. Our specialists are regularly asked questions around license costs, optimization, Indirect Access, S/4HANA, the HANA database and compliance risks due to increased audit activity. Your ability to leverage your SAP investment to the fullest is our primary focus. We have teamed up with Snow Software to help you to gather the answers to your most important questions:

How can I efficiently and effectively manage my SAP environment?

How can I reduce the risk of being non-compliant?

How do I understand the best Indirect Access license model for my organization?

How should I prepare for my S/4HANA conversion?

Combine the Power of SoftwareONE and Snow Software

We’ve teamed up with Snow Software to help you optimize your SAP spend and reduce audit and compliance risks. Our special offer, 360° SAP Evaluation, combines SoftwareONE’s licensing expertise and experience, with Snow’s technology and technical services, to provide you with an accurate and holistic SAP license position, with tailored recommendations on how to optimize your SAP environment.

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Take Back Control & Put Your Trusted Advisors to Work

Our experts thoroughly understand SAP processes (including measurement logic and legal aspects of SAP contracts) and can help you achieve substantial cost optimization, avoid non-compliance situations, and plan for the future. After the initial set-up and analysis, Snow Software will continue to allow you to take advantage of the Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software for a full year after purchase, and SoftwareONE’s SAP licensing and commercial advisory experts will work with you to ensure you extract maximum value from your investment in our services.

In addition, if you’re proactively managing your software usage, you will be much better prepared when it comes to your commercial dealings with SAP. SoftwareONE can help you renegotiate your SAP contracts where needed, and also provides proactive audit defense through a holistic diagnostic assessment of your entire software estate. The result is visibility into your current position so you can bring a new level of protection and optimization to your organization.

The importance of S/4HANA for modern enterprises is also going to transform the way that we use SAP. However, before planning your conversion strategy to S/4HANA, you need to start taking action to learn about your SAP estate. By doing what it takes to attain a holistic view of your SAP environment, you will be able to enjoy a range of financial benefits, including optimized licenses, improved management of indirect/digital access, the removal of inactive or duplicate users, and – best of all – an advantageous position when you begin negotiations regarding your move to S/4HANA.

What Do You Get?


Gain full Visibility

SoftwareONE SAP Licensing & Commercial Advisory Services

  • Implementation and configuration of Snow Optimizer for SAP® software
  • Analysis of tool output
  • Review of all SAP products in scope
  • Understanding of Indirect Access risks and licensing models
  • Recommendations on Optimization and Cost Saving activities

Maximize and Ensure the Value of our Services

  • Validation that the tool remains properly configured and up to date
  • Re-run and analysis of tool output
  • Refreshed Recommendations on Optimization and Cost Saving activities

Never fear the (un)expected again: Optimize your spend & reduce your risks

The first critical step with managing SAP licenses is to understand what you have, so you can better manage your assets. Join this virtual panel discussion, where experts from SoftwareONE and Snow Software are discussing how to gain visibility and unlock powerful insights into your SAP engagement.

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Understand and Manage Your SAP Contract & Licensing Spend

SAP audits are becoming more detailed and comprehensive. SoftwareONE helps make the process a lot easier, so you can:

Concentrate on Your Core Business

  • Reduce tasks of internal IT resources
  • Offer dedicated SAP specialist team for advice and recommendations
  • Clear summary of current state and suggested action

Reduce Expenditure and Mitigate Financial Risk

  • Optimize your SAP license model
  • Mitigate and quantify potential Indirect Access risk
  • Recommendations on potential savings
  • Empower negotiation with SAP
  • Highlight duplicate, erroneous or obsolete users

Gain Visibility of Your SAP Landscape

  • Overview of inventory
  • Prepare for your S/4HANA conversion
  • Understand the complexity of your SAP licensing
  • Clarify obligations and use rights
  • Visibility on all licensing metrics and how they relate to your business

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