Software Asset Management

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A strategic SAM practice can result in:

  • Optimized and reduced costs.

     Reduce your software, maintenance & cloud costs with actual usage reports. Increase software ROI by leveraging use rights visibility and decrease OPEX with SoftwareONE experts.
  • Improved business efficiency.

    Save expert effort with automation and by splitting tasks between your internal operations and SoftwareONE experts. Avoid pitfalls with a ready-to-use platform and support for SAM tool related issues.
  • Reduced risk. 

    Manage non-compliance risk and gain insight into software end-of-life to reduce unbudgeted expenditures. Reduce potential loss in case of an audit with our expert-driven Audit Support.
  • Ongoing visibility into your software and cloud estate. 

    Make the right decisions based on facts. Understand your environment and get control of contract renewals with deep insights about deployments, usage, spend and efficiency

Why SoftwareONE?

A 15-minute call with a SoftwareONE expert could result in saving 30 percent on software costs and uncover the weakest links in your SAM practice - don't hesitate, schedule your discovery call today.