microsoft licensing estate review

No-cost, One-hour, All the trends, All the takeaways

Microsoft Licensing Estate Review

The Microsoft licensing landscape is vast and ever-changing. Understanding your current licensing position is critical for saving money and maintaining compliance. SoftwareONE can give you the clarity and control you need. It all starts with a review of your Microsoft licensing estate by a licensing expert with years of experience.

What to expect

This consultative session is a personal session with one of SoftwareONE’s licensing experts to review the following:

  • Microsoft licenses you own globally (This includes investments in Microsoft products such as Office, Enterprise Mobility, Exchange, SQL Server, Windows Server, and more)

  • When those licenses are up for renewal

  • Where you have gaps that could cause you audit and compliance risks

The process

Contracts Review

  • We review all current agreements & reservations and assess SA benefits & cloud consumption for a full picture of entitlements and costs - and where you may have audit risk.

MS Licensing Updates

  • We review the latest changes to MS plans, products, entitlement rules, deployment scenarios - and their impact to you

True-Up Strategies

  • We share best practices and tactics that help you balance staying compliant - but only paying for what you need as you approach your yearly True-Up


  • We know Microsoft is a significant IT investment. We will answer questions, identify potential risks, recommend creative solutions - and help you get it right.

What you'll walk away with

At the end of the session, we will hand you reports outlining what was covered in the meeting and will inclde purchasing trends, active agreement, and renewal statistics, as well as areas highlighted for risk and for opportunities to optimize usage and/or spend.